InzectorRookieInzectorHas absolutely nothing interesting. Texture kinda uglyNice car despite basically being a bootleg toy. Drives OK.Solid looking car, severely underwhelming stats for Rookie depsite being nice to drive. Perhaps include it as a challenge for more veteran players?Not the worst car but Perfect Shot is a better choice, despite speed difference.The design is unique though, I'd say it can be revised because it really lacks performance. Not a fan of the design.Inzector
NesbittNesbittAll around goodGreat car all around, nice challenging params with a great colour scheme to boot. Missing side mirrors iirc?Good visuals paired with refreshing, competitive handling and stats.One of my cars, made to try the boundaries of the class.Definitely one of my favorite new addition. Something new and unusual of the original formula. Outstanding. Good design and a heavy style of parameters that would be fairly unique in the pack.Nesbitt
Scatter BoltReviseReviseScatter BoltUnique and good looksNever been too fond of it visually, both in terms of general body shape and some decal choices. Drives OK.Dimensions are a bit wack, and that RV logo slapped at the back of the car is just bleh.Interesting design, not a fan of the RV logo. Underwhelming params and very slow.Looks like a squashed Halloween pumpkin, but at least it handles good. Could use a slight redesign; too tall, odd windshield.Scatter Bolt
Special Delivery Special Delivery Neat gimmick, execution ehCould possibly lean towards Bonus, but I dont think a delivery van is a nice candidate for the packs.Something different for the class, and it leans while cornering too.Statistically similar to Phat Slug but competes better. Includes some nice skins.I can't say much about this because I've been working on the visuals, but suits the bonus pack. The scale is too small: compare the wheel size to other cars.Special Delivery Might be nice for special sessions, but not the bonus pack imo. Handles extremely rigidly, which is a niche that is already done better by Rouge and Perfect Shot. Visually it's kinda eh (especially the undersized wheels), and the big car gimmick is already well represented in rookies.
Super WheatReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseSuper WheatOnly missing some vertex paintDefinitely needs shading as most already said. Kinda feel it might struggle a bit as well but eh.Needs shading.Phat Slug except FWD and RW steering. Very underwhelming. Needs shading.I've noticed some shading issues here and there, other than that if it's fixed I'd say it's good for main. Needs texture shading; looks cartoonish.Super Wheat
DRJ-61AmateurDRJ-61Kind of boring texture, I hate this naming schemeDrives nicely, the new decals are innovative and feel fresh but maybe they deviate a bit too much from the pack norm.Very fun handling.Extremely fun parameters.Despite it's boring look it handles really good, it's really fun and competitive. Seems like the scale is a bit too big. Looks like a conversion from another game. Fun handling, though.DRJ-61Interesting handling, nice visuals, solid car overall.
ExceedReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseExceedI like the look and handling but the hul is fuckyCan be a bit of a pain to drive sometimes, but challenging cars are good. Texture is one of my favourites out there. Hull does a fucky wucky, otherwise fine.Statistically borderline but steering hurts, should be tested in both Rookie & Amateur. Hull = wucky fucky.A revise would be better because it's already looking good, but hul is wanky funky. Indifferent. Hull wucky as fucky.Exceed
GatorGatorLooks way too goofyBeen meaning to suggest it to the main pack for the longest time - really original concept, can imagine it being a dev idea. May be a bit OP in the current class iirc.Unusual visuals but very well made besides that. Should be classified as Advanced.Sticks out like a sore thumb. Has decent parameters though.Looks unique but goofy. Good handling though. Design is too quirky; doesn't fit in.Gator
Haiburiddo Haiburiddo Doesn't look good at allBonus leaning towards None... not too fond of the body shape and the skin itself falls a bit flat. Also, it may tend to blast the competition away, even in Amateurs. Looks low-quality from the rear view. Fun to drive though. Should be classified as Advanced.Texture quality issues. Shame, because it has decent params and we don't have enough FWD cars.Indiferent. The low-res textures and overall quality simply isn't up to par.Haiburiddo
Honey RushHoney RushLooks great, drives niceBalanced parameters, good skin, nothing much to say.Drives nice.Looks great, drives nice but acceleration is a bit underwhelming for the lower top speed.Perfect balance between look and handling imo.Indifferent.Honey Rush
Koin KarpKoin KarpOoh mama mia thats a spicy pastaOne of the best new cars out there, but as the other Pure/Passion creations, may need some shading. Challenging but competitive params.Indifferent.Indifferent.Love it.The design sticks out a little, but it's a very high quality car.Koin Karp
Nitro M82Nitro M82Looks and drives decentA nice take on the good old Fast Traxx, and we kinda need more quirky cars in the pack.Texture needs revising, but fun to drive otherwise.Indifferent.Not a big fan of the texture but I like the push of a new FT, although Strax came out, but it's fine. The texture is too low-res; very noticeable on the spoiler.Nitro M82
TitanTitanCool but not enough in line with the stock styleMan, kinda torn about this one... good params, and big heavy rigs are very much welcome in the main pack, just not sure if this rig in particular fits in visually. Bonus? Very nice to look at and drive. Might need to be classified as Advanced.More difficult to manuever than other cars this size. Don't move to Advanced, it will lose to Bertha.Indifferent. Real cool but it looks straight out of Carmageddon. Doesn't really fit in.TitanThe only thing that really brings it away from the stock style is the grill. If this is deemed too big of a problem it can be simplified pretty easily. Handling is about what you'd expect for a truck, most likely needs a nerf to be in amateur.
VixenVixenVery fun to drive but doesn't look the part. Vape skinNot gonna lie about it, its actually one of my fav textures out there. May however, be too OP for the class iirc, consider Advanced?Liking the colour scheme and graphics of the main skin, and it's fun and quirky to drive. Should be classified as Advanced.Insane acceleration/wheelspin up to top speed, hits 60 MPH with battery. Move to Advanced if added to Main.As for my creation, I'd say if it seems OP move it to advanced. Nothing else to say. Too obvious it's a Volkswagen. Not very fond of the design.VixenNot a fan of the visuals; stretched mapping, tiny wheels that stick out far of the wells, at least 3 DONNIEs visible no matter how you look at it. The handling is alright, overpowered though.
Black BoxAdvancedBlack BoxBoringDefinitely lives up to its name, texture is a bit underwhelming and well... dark. The overall shape and params are decent.ResidentSleeperGood speed and acceleration but nothing else too noteworthy here. Almost invisible in very dark areas.Boring skin but decent handling. Textures are too low-res.Black BoxNot very noteworthy in either visuals or handling, but not bad either. Pretty bland. If space becomes a concern for the bonus pack it should be the first to go in favour of more interestings cars.
CivilCivilFun tiny carTiny car, drives nicely, good soft landings and tap responses, while still being vulnerable to pickups. Might be OP for the class? Consider Semi-Pros?Too blocky.Literally Advanced class Toyeca. Bonus at most. Otherwise avoid and burn.Boring. The model is far too blocky.CivilThe model is meh, the texture is decent, the handling is okay. Pretty mediocre overall. Falls just short of bonus.
CommanderCommanderLooks great but sadly doesn't fit thematicallyGood handling / visuals. Devs did envision more cars thematically similar to Bertha?... Bonus for now I guess.Fun handling, doesn't fit in thematically however.Sticks out even more than Gator, very unconventional parameters.I love it, not gonna lie, but it doesn't suit Rv's aesthetic. Ditto from Titan. The tracks look static.Commander
Grem MachineGrem MachineOkNot too remarkable, shape isnt too fitting, and the texture definitely is a bit of an eye sore. Params otherwise OK.Low-quality texture, nice to drive though. Should be classified as Amateur.Very similar to Navajo S. One or the other. Move to Amateur.Boring skin, decent handling. The texture is too low-res.Grem Machine
Hyper XLHyper XLChore to driveChallenging car, may warrant being moved to the Amateur class. We need more open-wheeled vehicles, a truggy like this definitely fits the part. Personally love the texture.Boring to drive, leans to the left. Boring visuals.Pulls to the left due to incorrect Offset2 on front left wheel. Wheel mapping isn't centered properly.Handling wise it's competitive, I'm not keen of it's looks but I'm pretty sure there will be awesome future skins for it.The rear is far too bland.Hyper XLThis could've been an awesome car, but it falls short. Bland parameters and textures, apart from the front which looks pretty cool.
LuxurSkinSkinRevoteLuxurOk drive, texture has way too many repeated patternsIt has a tendency to flip over rather easily, but that isnt necessarily bad. Kinda like the texture, its different and fitting with the overall theme.At most it should be a skin for RC Vector, or vice versa.Good acceleration but difficult to use. Could be very capable in the right hands. Far more deserving than Civil.Can't see a uniquely handling to this. Making it a skin for RC Vector might be the best option for me. Not a fan of the design, but I think it's better than RC Vector.Luxur
M-88M-88Decent car let down by hideous rearIts a F2 Flamma duplicate, and a bit less interesting... also, I'm with Alex, awfull booty. :grimace:Boring to drive and has hull fuckery.The back is blank, has hull issues. Don't care for this one.Both look and handling are neat. Classy yet quirky. The rear needs a redesign.M-88There are many cars with similar handling that are way less ugly.
Nano RascalReviseReviseNano RascalFun gimmicky car. Fits more in amateurPersonally I think it may deviate a bit too much from the established style. Feels nice otherwise.Weird blocky rear end, fun to drive though. Should be classified as Rookie.Far too slow. Move to Rookie.Handles good, looks good, it's a freaking 3 wheeler, I like it. Design is too quirky; doesn't fit in. Also, too small.Nano Rascal
Navajo SNavajo SNice theme but nothing specialInteresting theme, not sure how I feel about the surf boards?... I remember it felt good to drive, but I didn't find it too remarkable either. It's alright.Very similar to Grem Machine. One or the other. Move to Amateur.The handling really stands out to this in particular and the 80s look of the skin really suits with stock cars. The texture is too low-res. Surf boards stick out.Navajo S
Top TierTop TierForgettableAmazing looks coupled with somewhat unremarkable params. I still feel we need more buggies though, and this one could be a balanced option.ResidentSleeperPretty standard overall, bit slow. Move to Amateur.I've changed my mind after more testings. Although it looks great, it's boring. Indifferent.Top TierLooks great, sweet texture and a decent model, if a bit flat. The handling is very generic, similar to for instance Aquamarina. I actually prefer this car over Aquamarina though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While that's in the main pack (along with some other similarly driving cars) there's probably no room for this, unfortunately.
BattagliaSemi-ProReviseReviseBattagliaVery fun to play but the texture is too detailedFeels good to drive and the texture isn't too shaby either. Main visual drawback is that engine on the back, and maybe its overall size.Quite fun to drive, unsure about the dimensions and the engine at the back though.Unrealistic parameters, inertia is too high. Looks a bit too good.Cool but a little too much. That engine in the rear sticks out too much.Battaglia
Blaze V8Blaze V8Interesting handling quirks but the texture pattern doesnt fitInteresting muscle car, we do need more of those. The params are challenging but really unique and fun. Very challenging to drive, nice to look at. Might need to be classified as Advanced.Very quick with quirkly handling, steep learning curve. Exactly the diversity the pack needs. Front wheel arch trims don't quite reach.Not a big fan of both visuals and handling. Sorry. Unique, interesting handling. Needs better UV mapping. Texture has some patterns that might be better off removed.Blaze V8Nice handling, the model is good enough (a bit blocky) but the texture is out of place. If anything can be done about that, it'd fit in main. Bonus otherwise.
EstataEstataLooks fun, drives funInteresting shape (again, we need a bit more diversity) and texture is simple yet effective. Parameters borderline unremarkable but overall the car fits nicely imo.Nice to drive and it is well made, but the visuals put me to sleep.Bland parameters but handling makes it a good choice for less experienced racers. Not sure about aesthetic.Yes, it's unique, but not suitable for the main pack. The design is thematically inappropriate.EstataThe handling is good, but the design doesn't look like Revolt at all.
NorwoodReviseNorwoodNot a fan of the color choice at allEngine sound is a no-no - everything else though is a yes-yes. Unique visuals and interesting/challenging handling, I've personally had a blast with this car.Not a fan of the visuals. Might need to be classified as Advanced.One of mine. Was made to establish a middleground for Semi-Pro. Custom engine sound can be replaced with stock petrol.wavI love it's visuals, but it's kinda though to drive. I'd love to see it in the main pack, but in the meantime it's ok as bonus. The custom engine is thematically inappropriate.NorwoodDecent handling, nice visuals, solid car overall.
NRGNRGI love the gimmickVisually it may be a bit too much for main pack? Texture is not to remarkable either. Solid Bonus for me.ResidentSleeperStatistically close to Indy B which is worrying but steering radius and 3-wheeled stance should weaken it. Let's see.Love it. Design is too quirky; doesn't fit in. Also, too small.NRGSame as Estata: the handling is good, but the design doesn't look like Revolt at all. I feel you can pull this off while staying closer to the stock style.
SiriSiriNot a fan visually at allAnother solid Bonus for me, dont think it'll fit in visually. Params got a little boost ever since it's release, its pretty fun.Nice to drive, a decent set of skins as well. Should be classified as Advanced.Too slow, loses too much speed in corners, just not on pace for the class. Pong paintjob is the best.Why did I purpose this for main, my creation? After the recent update got better as performance.. Indiferent for moving the class. Pink on light blue is bad color contrast.SiriCute car, but it strays too far from the stock style. Handling is meh.
ST 23ST 23Looks great, not that pleasant to drive unfortunatelyPretty challenging car, awesome skin but its slugish responses and overall handling may make it a pain to drive. Main leaning towards Bonus?Nice aesthetic, but the understeer will drive you mad after a couple of races.Yellow skin is amazing. Understeer central with a cautious but fun learning curve. Something for veterans.Not a big fan of it. The texture feels a bit bland. The window shading looks bad.ST 23
TerramTerramNice lookingDrives and feels exactly how it should. Really balanced all around, and visually pleasing. We do need more heavy duty vehicles.Bit undertuned for Semi-Pro, but good otherwise.Why exactly was Mr.Bob moved to Bonus?Definitely one of my favorites. Looks decent, handling wise seems balanced and competitive and we don't have many offroaders. A bit blocky and similar to Frollin, but we could use a Hummer.Terram
Voltz XLReviseReviseVoltz XLReally nice lookingUhh, the paintjob kinda always reminds me of a thinner, blockier LA 54. Not a bit fan of the overly detail pop-up headlights either. Handling wise I don't find it remarkable. Looks and handling leave a bit to be desired.Slower version of Anima 816R, one of my cars. Good handling and easy to use. Looks good.I really liked Anima by Skarma and this one isn't really that different, besides the class, but it's still a solid great car nonetheless. Not a fan of the texture.Voltz XLIt's a bit square, but other than that I like the visuals. Handling is pretty generic.
Yuurei V8ReviseReviseYuurei V8Potentially beautiful but terrible font choiceInteresting concept, like its doppleganger Dozzan. Really like the warm colours and the font is not much of an eysore imo. Could potential have more interesting params.Fantastic paintjob, nice to drive.Good acceleration and fairly simple to use but a bit on the slow side and the steering needs a bit of getting used to.I'd say it's one of the best suggestion for this class. This car is definitely a great competitor to Zipper and Adeon. Looks clean. The texture could use some improvements. On the fence about the coloured windows.Yuurei V8
Blast BoardProBlast BoardLooks decent, drives good. The teal is kinda uglyThe one thing I dont like about it is that tribal pattern on the back. Could potentially struggle in Pros, I admit.ResidentSleeperTeal is one of the worst colours ever. Decent handling but an open wheeler in Pro is just asking to get hurt.It's a shame that this car might not get the main cut because it handles like a proper competitor and fits to the stock theme. Not a fan of the design in the front.Blast Board
EXE TCEXE TCBusy texture done rightNot the most remarkable set of parameters, but the visuals totally make up for it.Fantastic all around.Extremely good texture. Slow but massive acceleration.I've tested it in particular while I've been looking up on cars for my session, it feels good but not really outstanding.We've got plenty of these already.EXE TC
Fast FelineFast FelineNot much going on on the textureI'd say Bonus for the simple fact that it looks visually savage, although it's probably too long and bland for the main pack. Didn't have a chance to test it yet...Texture is rather empty, fun otherwise.Texture is lacking. Parameters are nothing special.Not a big fan of the color scheme and handling. Sorry.The texture is rather bland.Fast FelineThe model and texture are very bland, especially from the drivers perspective. It's pretty much a block with a gradient from there.
Fire StarterSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProFire StarterFASTCant shake that Hi-Ban feel, sorry - mostly noticeable on the springs. Visually appealing but small details/text don't quite fit with the rest? Super Pro? Bonus? Can't decide.One of the future additions to Super Pros. Jesus christ there's like, too many of them.Super-Pro should be it's own thing until it is fully stabilised as a class."I'm fast as duck boii". Indiferent. A very good-looking paintjob. Not a fan of rail-handling but it works for Super Pros.Fire Starter
FlatboyFlatboyTexture way too minimalistVisually charismatic in terms of shape, not so much the looks. Parameters are OK but tend to feel bland after a while.We already have Komet for the next Super Pro update, don't need this.Rapid acceleration but can be a pain to use. As the name implies, it only likes flat tracks. Texture is lacking.Boring but has potential. The texture is rather bland.Flatboy
Hitomi SpikeHitomi SpikeFunA nice little buggy, again, we need more. Kinda remember it felt a bit sluggish in Pro class iirc... Maybe Semi-Pro? ResidentSleeperGood acceleration but steering and open wheels can hurt it. Passable. Wheel mapping not centered.We don't have that many buggys in Pro, and this might be the easiest one to drive, perfect for beginners, + a decent look. Not a fan of the handling. Texture could use some improvements.Hitomi SpikeOne of the coolest looking cars in my opinion. Very simple parameters though.
Le MulsanneLe MulsanneLow quality texture and bothersome to driveHavent tried this car much tbh, but I remember I didn't find it very appealing. Visually its OK, but once again the decals themselves may deviate a bit from the norm. Fun, challenging drive which isn't a problem in the right hands, with an abundance of skins.Paramised by me. Unfortunately, unsuitable for the chaos of I/O sessions. Extremely easy to take out and will never ever recover.Although I would like to see Solaire's return I'm not confident about this car. Handles very wacky. Not my style of look either. Sorry.Would rather not have Hot Wheels models in the main pack. Looks good otherwise.Le MulsanneMostly generic handling, texture doesn't look like it belongs in Revolt.
QuinxQuinxI get what the texture is going for but it didn't work outReally love the colour scheme and decals, feels nice too drive while not being too boring. Solid Main pack for me.Very well made, very fun to drive. Very competitive.Something else to challenge Toyeca with. The rear lights could be a bit smaller.Think about the "Undertaker" of Toyeca on a wrestling match. This was meant to be a proper combatant for the Toyeca abomination. We've got plenty of these already.Quinx
SR-8000SR-8000Looks fantastic and fun to driveFeels blocky. Feels visually cluttered (and with a weird mirroring)... But I like it! Very fun to drive and really competitive.Fun, yet tricky handling. Great paintjob. Doubt it's a Super Pro.Good stats all over. ZEF decal is mirrored on one side. Possible candidate for Super-Pro, will need lots of testing to substantiate.Just perfect. Very solid overall.SR-8000
SuperiorSkinSuper ProRevoteSuperiorTexture has way to many different things going onHonestly dont have much to say about this one other than it feels like a Gear GT doppleganger (kinda more visually appealing too). Should be a skin for Gear GT and nothing more, we have enough Super Pros as it is.Not Super-Pro. Near identical to Gear GT. Vote is only to replace aforementioned, otherwise skip.Indiferent. I have a set of new super pro Params in progress.Indifferent. Shares model with Gear GT.Superior
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain