AlienRookieReviseReviseAlienWhile visually it's main pack material, it's clunky parameters would need overhauling beforehand.Unbalanced. Borderline doesn't really fit it.Alien
BulkheadBulkheadA nice paintjob, but its utterly wack proportions prevent it from fitting into the main pack for me.Needs a revise. Quirky design, but it's stockline enough. Not a fan of the texture.Bulkhead
Fast TraxxFast TraxxReplace with Strax by KiwiCan't say I bother having it around, even though its a real RC car.Replace with Strax by Kiwi.Replace with Strax by Kiwi. Agreed to replace with Strax.Fast Traxx
HeatroadHeatroadPaintjob has certainly not aged well.Bonus content at its finest. Seems OP. Needs a new, more stocklike texture.Heatroad
Miss KumaMiss KumaAesthecically different from the rest. Also, a conversion.PS1-looking textures don't work in a PC game.Not aesthetically fitting, terrible stats.RC de Go content has something that I can't down vote. Conversion from RC de Go! Looks nice, just doesn't really fit in.Miss Kuma
PanoramaPanoramaPaintjob isn't noteworthy enough to be considered for the main pack.Avarage performance, decent look but could be better. An attempt on a design from one of Paul Phippen's artworks, but I think the execution is far from perfect.Panorama
Road PirateRoad PirateClunky execution of the model and its visuals makes it bonus material at best.Doesn't fit my tastes. I don't like it. Doesn't look good at all.Road Pirate
SchoolVoltReviseReviseSchoolVoltNot too fond of the idea, and not too imaginative either. Nice, leany params and decent visuals. A hot new car to drive for the memes.The bus is approaching.The bus is approaching. I think it would be great to have a school bus in the main pack. However, it needs to be remodeled and retextured.SchoolVolt
Scorcher 6x6Scorcher 6x6Can't say I bother having it around, even though its a real RC car.We have Bumblebee already.Bumblebee will take it's place.We have Bumblebee. Made redundant by Bumblebee.Scorcher 6x6
Swish KX2Swish KX2Ughh, really torn about this one... a bit too weird? Let it stay I guess.Unique design and handling, too soft. Doesn't fit in.Swish KX2
TeslaReviseReviseReviseTeslaMain pack material with due changes, also its an original dev concept.Can't say much. Interesting design based on Re-Volt concept art, but not very stock-like. Might be worth a rework.Tesla
TrirrautTrirrautHandling sucks. Doesn't fit in.Trirraut
Wind UpReviseWind UpI'm allergic to seeing that fucking Galaga ship everywhereNeeded to be, errr stockified and given some skin changes in order to stay.I'd love to see a redone texture for this.FZG stated that he doesn't want his content in the pack anymore. FZG's cars have a great style, but they don't fit in thematically with the rest of the pack.Wind Up
NebulaAmateurReviseReviseReviseNebulaLooks badWeird shape, texture looks as if it was done in MS Paint. Doesn't drive awfully though.Texture needs reworking.Not the best look but decent performance. Might rework its skin. Doesn't look good. Might be worth a retexture.Nebula
BajrickBajrickNeat idea badly implementedDefinitely something cool for this class. Doesn't fit in.Bajrick
FER 52ReviseFER 52See comment.With a few changes, this car can actually compete well. Looks bland. Not too fond of the handling.FER 52
GatorGatorInteresting, unique concept. Very fun to drive.Goofy. Design is too quirky; doesn't fit in.Gator
High-TechReviseReviseHigh-TechInteresting concept, awkard executionRevise engine sound?... (even though it's what makes the car unique)High Tech Phatass that performs really good, what do you want more? I actually like this one, although it's not quite stocklike yet. Texture needs some rework. One of the rare cases where the custom engine works.High-Tech
KyarusRevoteKyarusMighty, what is with nearly all your cars having either broken or terrible handling...?Interesting concept for both look and handling. Pretty unique and easy. Doesn't fit in.Kyarus
Monster BeetleMonster BeetleI'm calling the polycount police on those tiresDoesn't quite fit in with the others, also those wheels...Real RC, those wheels lol.Real RC. Real R/C car, doesn't fit in.Monster Beetle
OutragaRevoteOutragaAmateur Evil Weasel. Needs a better paintjob.Boring yet decent. Ugly. Might look fine with a retexture, but I'll have to see it done first.Outraga
Senketsu GTSenketsu GTLiterally an anime wagonLiterally screaming to lose its way out of the packs.Aesthetically doesn't fit and way too slow for Amateur.Because Anime tits. Doesn't fit in.Senketsu GT
Spoiler SportSpoiler SportHotwheels car. Looks good, though, dont get me wrong.Hot Wheels car.Hot Wheels, but I like it.HW. Hot Wheels car, plus lack of shading and blurry texture.Spoiler Sport
TargetReviseRevoteTargetLooks like my myspace pageThe wheels just don't work with the shape of the car... what the hell is that paintjob.Wheel mapping.Bonus content at it's finest. Too small. Would need a retexture.Target
Army CarAdvancedReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseArmy CarWheels should be revised/stockified.Wheels need simplifying.Army car would really need a revise. Has potential. Needs some texture shading and reworked wheels.Army Car
BetaBetaTexture has not stood the test of timeWould have loved to keep this monster truck, but bland texture and params are probably bootable.Should never have been removed. There's nothing wrong with it besides tyres.Terrible texture. Might look fine with a new one but we already have plenty of monster trucks.Beta
BlackfootBlackfootUhh, hello? This is a real RC car?It's alright, just not really main pack material. I think it's based on a real R/C car.Blackfoot
BonzoBonzoLooks badAesthecically different from the rest. Also, a conversion.Doesn't it in aesthetically.Conversion from RC de Go! Looks nice, just doesn't really fit in.Bonzo
Boogie HeatBoogie HeatDoesn't fit in. The texture isn't very good.Boogie Heat
CivilCivilStanding my ground from the other spreadsheet< DittoAs already stated, Advanced class Toyeca. No thanks.The model is far too blocky.Civil
EclisseEclisseDoesn't feel RC like at all, it still has the inertia values from the original car.It's nice, but I think it doesn't quite fit in thematically for the main pack.Eclisse
F2 FlammaReviseReviseRevoteF2 FlammaReally rough color choiceHoneslty love how it handles and looks, though I do admit the skin probably isnt everyone's cup of tea.Oversteer central. Has major hull issues. Revise or remove.The texture needs a rework, or a new one.F2 Flamma
FiddlerReviseReviseFiddlerPlain potatoOriginal concept, needs a little bit TLC.Don't really know what to say. Feel like it needs a rework but is it worth it.One of the concept art designs, but it needs some massive rework. I might deal with it myself.Fiddler
Fury EXRevoteFury EXIt fricken bounces on jumps. Also an oversteery frustrating mess.Blocky, bad texture, doesn't quite fit in.Fury EX
Hyper XLReviseRevoteHyper XLPoopI stand my ground (see other spreadsheet).Pulls to the left.It needs a new skin that solves the issue with the bland rear. The parameters also need a small fix. Other than that it might be okay in the main pack.Hyper XL
JZReviseReviseJZTexture is a busy messForgettable in every aspect. Texture is rough around the edges.Bad texture.JZ
Nano SlammrNano SlammrNeat concept, but probably a little bit too outlandish.Not befitting of the theme.Doesn't fit in.Nano Slammr
OliverReviseReviseReviseOliverLooks really really lameNot too keen on that paintjob.Texture needs a rework.Oliver
Pest BusterReviseRevisePest BusterSorry Kiwi, but I never liked that spider very much. :C Revision?WHAT DID THE SPIDER EVER DO TO YOUPest Buster
RZ FangReviseReviseRZ FangNot a big fan of the skin, parameters too challenging?Far far too quirky in a bad way, just doesn't hold up in it's class.Needs texture shading.RZ Fang
SakuraSakuraThe texture is a bit bland.Sakura
Stellar XSStellar XSCould do with a better paintjob but with the same colour scheme, really like that.Quirky design, but it's stockline enough. Not a fan of the texture.Stellar XS
Super ASuper ARV logo looks bad on itRV logo. Extremely underwhelming params. Buff or boot.It's nice, but I think it doesn't quite fit in thematically for the main pack.Super A
Toy-Volt XToy-Volt XSkin looks OK, but I was never a big fan of the blocky body shape.Is this Lego Racers?Model is rather blocky, texture could be better.Toy-Volt X
WV-5WV-5Horrible to controlShocker beats the shit out of this thing any day of the week.Ugly texture.WV-5
Acclaim GTSemi-ProReviseReviseAcclaim GTLooks like a real car with some Acclaim decals slapped on it. Leaning towards, uh, keeping it?See comment.It has potential, but I'm not sold on the textures.Acclaim GT
Acid StrikeAcid StrikeTexture is not too remarkable, but I think its sort of a nice Pole Poz upgrade. Also, a much needed buggy.It handles nice, but I'm not at all a fan of the blocky model and lackluster paintjob.Acid Strike
Big BirkBig BirkIt's fun as Hell to drive, but is aesthecically different from the rest. Also, a conversion.Doesn't fit in aesthetically.Conversion from RC de Go! Looks nice, just doesn't really fit in.Big Birk
CrytoceroxReviseReviseCrytoceroxPlanning on creating a new model and texture from scratch.Crytocerox
DangerDangerThe danger signs on it look ridiculousA good balanced monster truck that doesn't quite become traffic fodder. I usually have fun with it.Move to Advanced.Visually it's okay, but a bit oversized. Fun params.Danger
DozzanSkinReviseReviseDozzanAdd as a skin for Yuurei V8Move to Advanced.Needs new textures.Dozzan
HannimalHannimalLow quality textureAesthecically different from the rest. Also, a conversion.Doesn't fit in aesthetically.Conversion from RC de Go! Looks nice, just doesn't really fit in.Hannimal
Mad Cat ZRevoteMad Cat ZPerfectly executed, but doesnt actually look like a car, sorry. :CGood execution but doesn't fit.Very quirky design. Doesn't fit in. Lacks shading, looks bad on the yellow parts.Mad Cat Z
Mr. BobMr. BobFunky oddball deserves a chanceI'm with Alex, always loved this fella.Why was this ever removed?The model is too blocky, and the textures need a makeover.Mr. Bob
Nice BlackNice BlackNot nice at allConsider using Yuke's skin as main - really well executed while staying true to the theme.This is a Sprinter XL. How did this ever get in the pack in the first place?Looks like a simple Sprinter XL repaint.Nice Black
PathfinderReviseRevotePathfinderThe wheels are too far apart, and the resulting enlogated body doesn't look very good. Texture could use some minor improvements.Pathfinder
Proto Zipper JBRevoteProto Zipper JBDoesn't fit in, both in terms of design and the name. A bit small. Could probably use some new textures.Proto Zipper JB
Purity XReviseReviseRevotePurity XA bit on the big side?... Also, texture feels a bit monochromatic.Completely unfitting.As with Mad Cat Z, it lacks proper (texture) shading. Doesn't really fit in either.Purity X
QuazarReviseReviseQuazarHonestly love this car, both in terms of looks and handling,Bring. It. Back.It's fine, but a new custom engine is required. Not a fan of the engine model in the back.Quazar
Radar RangerRadar RangerHotwheels car. Looks good, though, dont get me wrong.Hot Wheels car, but I really like it. Should remain in Semi-Pro.Doesn't fit in.Radar Ranger
RC VectorReviseReviseRC VectorVery bland textures. Lacks (texture) shading.RC Vector
RVPDReviseReviseRVPDCool concept but it needs a better texture. It'd be nice to have a police car in the pack.RVPD
RiptorReviseReviseReviseRiptorThe dream lives on!Needs a serious revision, mainly to address hull and stability issues.I think it's a bit oversized. The tires need to be darker. Some texture shading too, maybe?Riptor
Sand RunnerReviseReviseRevoteSand RunnerTexture may be a bit lackluster, but has an interesting shape and parameters. I'd love to see it in main. Good runner but direly needs a better paintjob.This car model is blocky and has a very bland texture. It's a hard no from me either until both of those are revised first.Sand Runner
SkyedgeReviseReviseSkyedgeSame as Eclisse.Not a fan. We have plenty of those already.Skyedge
VarflameVarflameJust doesn't look good. Huge wheels, low-res textures.Varflame
AeroflashProRevoteAeroflashHotwheels car. Looks good, though, dont get me wrong.Hot Wheels, but I like.Hot wheels car, but it's the best from what we have. I'm indifferent, but it should be bonus at most.Aeroflash
Alien BusterReviseReviseAlien BusterNot really sure why it was kicked out in first place, but OK.Seriously, Mighty...? (Read comment)Indifferent. Probably needs new params if we bring it back.Alien Buster
BadJamReviseReviseBadJamTexture too detailed< Ditto, especially the wheels. Also, has real sponsors (iirc?)Texture.Doesn't fit in.BadJam
BradyonBradyonReally doesn't fit in.Bradyon
Burning SensationReviseReviseBurning SensationStockify the wheels?Doesn't fit aesthetically and is too weak for Pro.Grey tires bad. Texture doesn't look that good. Rather oversized. Overall doesn't fit in.Burning Sensation
EvasiveReviseReviseReviseEvasiveAs far as I'm concerned, it gets the boot unless we get rid of all the skins with real sponsors.Pretty much Toyeca. Boring. I am in favour of reparamising this.I think we need a variety of Venom Vector one day, but this isn't it.Evasive
GFX 00GFX 00Toyeca looklike. Texture too dark and a bit bland.GFX 00
Mark JenkinsMark JenkinsSee Evasive up above.Reskin of one of Hi-Ban's cars, complete with the same original boring params.Real R/C Car.Mark Jenkins
MetalzooReviseReviseMetalzooCan't say I like the underlining texture. Hull issues.Not a fan. Just doesn't look good to me. A bit small too, I think.Metalzoo
Night DrifterNight DrifterToo blocky.Lego Racers again.Very low-res textures, nope.Night Drifter
Oval RunnerReviseReviseRevoteOval RunnerThe body seriously needs redoing.Tires are very small and too close together. Needs a remodel if it's gonna stay in at all.Oval Runner
PhantoMaPhantoMaThat front looks mega weirdProbably too quirky.Nothing wrong with it.I have a soft spot for this one, but it's just not pack material.PhantoMa
PhatecaPhatecaYour memes end hereAn unholy conception. Its pretty fun to drive but probably isnt pack material.Why the fuck was this ever in the pack?Meme: The CarPhateca
Pix SkullReviseRevisePix SkullSee PhantoMa. Also, those highpoly springs... :sneezingcat:Like PhantoMa, nothing wrong with it except tyres.I have a soft spot for this one, but it's just not pack material. Kiwi did a cool remodel for HC2018, we should consider that one instead.Pix Skull
ProphetReviseReviseProphetA good, unique idea, but probably too detailed for the style of a 1999 game, Also, texture is lackluster.Nice params but completely aesthetically unfitting.Textures are no good. Might be worthwhile if that's revised.Prophet
Prototype FX77Super ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProPrototype FX77-->Wait, this was in bonus????Already part of the Super Pro pack, we don't need it here.This is perfectly balanced for Pro, right? :hausderp:Super ProPrototype FX77
RionnestaRionnestaInteresting concept with RW steering. Not keen on the carbon fibre though.I like it, cool idea and well executed, but it's not quite pack material.Rionnesta
Sally TaylorReviseRevoteSally TaylorSee Evasive and Mark Jenkins...Not a fan. Just doesn't look good to me.Sally Taylor
Silver FlameReviseReviseSilver FlameCool commentCan we give this a new paintjob? It looks like shit... Literally.It's okay, though we already have Sater XL. Bonus at most.Silver Flame
Sol-Aire CX4RevoteSol-Aire CX4Hotwheels car. Looks good, though, dont get me wrong.Hot Wheels, again, I like.Since we voted against Le Mulsanne, I guess this can stay? Another Hot Wheels car, so I'm indifferent. Bonus at most.Sol-Aire CX4
Stadium StarReviseReviseStadium StarSee comment.Tires are very small and too close together. Needs a remodel if it's gonna stay in at all.Stadium Star
TesseractSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProSuper ProTesseract-->Low tier, but still Super.Already part of the Super Pro pack, we don't need it here.Hey y'all, we should create a new class above Pro for this!Super ProTesseract
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain