AvalonReviseAvalonJust needs more powerups.<--Even with pick-ups, I'm against it. This goes in an artistic direction that, although nice on its own, is very out of place considering the goal of the pack.Avalon
BelgiumBelgiumReplace the posters with ficticious ones?Belgium
Broken SunlightBroken SunlightMay be a contender for a redux but as far as that goes I think this one is very low priorityBroken Sunlight
Cactus VoltReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseCactus VoltRemove all the tumbleweeds and stitch together the prm hellscape of the ncp Also maybe remove the random bump near the end of the lap?What Alex said.What Alex said tooWhat Alex said.Cactus Volt
CakeReviseCakeFun track but the Portal references would need to go.High quality map. Can be learned easily.Would need a Redux version to make the frustrating sections more tolerable.Cake
Catfish CoveCatfish CoveI never enjoyed driving on this track. However, it does make very good practice for mastering cars like Humma on bumpy terrain. Worth keeping.Catfish Cove
Chilled to the BoneReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseChilled to the BoneMake the ice less slippery, and bring it to the main pack. -> I work on a Redux ATM. Planned Release before April 2020.Considering what Kiwi said, I'd like to see it in the pack again as well.<-<- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <-
<- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <- <-
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Chilled to the Bone
Christmas Snow GlobeChristmas Snow GlobeChristmas Snow Globe
Christmas Special StageChristmas Special StageNice concept, but I find the raceline a bit boring. This is an RC car game.Christmas Special Stage
Fiddlers on the Roof (original)Fiddlers on the Roof (original)Does everyone really think that the flow in the new Fiddlers is any better than the original version?...<- whatFiddlers on the Roof (original)
Freestoyle 2Freestoyle 2Bit of a press forward track, but has some really neat elements.Freestoyle 2
EndgameReviseReviseEndgameWorse, more confusing version of Fools Mate.This looks like a repaint of Fool's Mate 2. Not main pack material, quality-wise. The in-game name is jarring and it has no music.Endgame
Ever AfterReviseReviseEver AfterPortal repo issues need to be fixed.Ever After
FrostbiteReviseRevoteFrostbiteLooks ok but track design is straight assI like the track, but it needs a major revision. In some aspects it still feels like a WIP. The ice part is problematic for RWD cars, even more so with the ducks.Frostbite
Go Play Outside!Go Play Outside!Go Play Outside!
Ground N Smash 2ReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseGround N Smash 2Minor nitpick: the rocks all over the raceline add nothing to it. Maybe remove then and make the raceline cleaner, and thus more fun. :)World and NCP file needs an overhaul.I'd like to see the revision before considering it for the main pack. It has a nice design, but currently it looks rather dated.Ground N Smash 2
Hallow's EveHallow's EveHallow's Eve
Harbor LightsReviseReviseReviseHarbor LightsMaybe more picks.Needs more powerups.
Unsuitable for the main pack without a major rework.
Needs pickups.Ditto, plus improved lighting & shading, a proper skybox, and music.Harbor Lights
Holiday Camp (original)Holiday Camp (original)We have California Edition already.Holiday Camp (original)
Hull Breach 3Hull Breach 3We have Hull Breach 3000 already.Hull Breach 3
IllusionIllusionNice meme track, visually unparalleled but lets face it, its bonus pack material.Illusion
Images of GizaReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseImages of GizaMay be a contender for a redux but as far as that goes I think this one is very low priorityCorrect the bridge part: Make the bridge wider and adjust the repo, then Move to Main.Needs a redux on the bridge area, but otherwise main pack material for sure.I'm in favor of bringing it back, but it needs a revision. The bridge section can be redesigned.Images of Giza
L.A. SmashL.A. SmashL.A. Smash
Mid-sea IslandMid-sea IslandMid-sea Island
Medieval MayhemReviseReviseMedieval MayhemA classic track by good old Skitch, has a nice flow, and even if it feels a bit out of proportion, its still a very nice track."Mikes Medievel Mahem" needs to be scaled down, and could use some visual improvements. Custom music too. Otherwise, there's potential in it.Medieval Mayhem
MeltdownReviseReviseReviseMeltdownI never had technical issues with this track, I also think the brightness is OK.
Needs the track zones revised, otherwise it needs to stay where it is.Needs track zone(?) fixes after the first corner(?), and the brightness could be increased.Meltdown
MK64 - Wario StadiumReviseReviseReviseMK64 - Wario StadiumAs Saff says. I work on a Redux-version of this, WIP Name "Toy-Volt Stadium"If Penny Racers tracks stay in the main pack, this needs to return.Kiwi is planning a redux version. Should wait for that. This can be moved to a cartoon track pack.MK64 - Wario Stadium
MKDD - Mushroom CityMKDD - Mushroom CityReally boring racelineBarely even fit for Super Pros due to how wide and straight it is. Even with that aside, it's more appropriate for a cartoon track pack.MKDD - Mushroom City
Mysterious Toy FactoryMysterious Toy FactoryBit of a boring raceline, but has a nice them and some interesting elements. Can potentially be really fun especially with faster cars.Mysterious Toy Factory
Palm MarshPalm MarshPalm Marsh
Playa+ReviseRevisePlaya+Can potentially become main pack material with some Redux TLC.This PRM kit track has not stood the test of time.Playa+
Re-VoltumRe-VoltumI think this already got removedNeeds more pickupsI see no problem with this track aside from the subpar textures. Solid Bonus Pack material.ResidentSleeperRe-Voltum
Road in the SkyReviseReviseRoad in the SkyUntil that really steep curve is there, Bonus Pack it is.A redux version that's smoother and with a better skybox?Really not a fan of both the raceline and the visuals. A redux version would need massive changes; might as well make a new track at that point.Road in the Sky
Rooftops 2ReviseReviseRooftops 2No issues here imo. Solid main pack material. If this is because of the force fields or lack of thereof, I've been racing it for years with some personal fixes I did.This track could work, but it would need a revision. There are certain strange cuts, like the one clipping through the vent. The final jump is problematic for lower classes.Rooftops 2
ShoppeReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseShoppeOne of my all time faves, a redux version would be greatBig fan of the track and race ling but it has many issues sadly.Would love to do a Redux of this, so it maybe also could be added to the Main pack.A bit oversized, but other than that I really like it. I have reworked textures in my personal install I've been meaning to share for ages.Needs a major rework to eliminate oncoming traffic and to prevent disconnects.I stand by the fact that this track is oversized. I can't consider it main pack material until it's scaled down. It looks and plays very nice otherwise.Shoppe
Toy World EXToy World EXAbsolutely tanks fps for reasons I don't know, raceline is pretty riresome at points and it lacks visuallyNot much to comment on. It's just OK. Needs some proper lighting. Could even go in the main pack, but we already have enough Toy World tracks; this doesn't beat any of them.Toy World EX
The GorgeReviseReviseThe GorgeMore density of pickups needed?Very old classic track, which is fun and still looks nice.Subpar textures, but other than that, it can be a really fun track.The track needs some changes to make it less frustating online. Star might be too easy to get, and the bumps after the jump are very tiresome.The Gorge
The KeepThe KeepFun to look at, awful and boring to play.The Keep
Ultra DaliUltra DalieeeeUltra Dali
WipeoutWipeoutIt's fun, but it looks dated, and the amount of repos you'll get with 16 players makes it unfit for the main pack. Not quite appropriate design-wise either.Wipeout
Wipeout 2097Wipeout 2097Wipeout 2097
Zach's GardenZach's GardenZach's Garden
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain