BackyardBackyardI have a revised version with a doghouse greatly reduced in size. Might be of interest.Backyard
Backyard BashBackyard BashNot visually up to standards I'm afraid.Backyard Bash
Chess NightChess NightNothing is too bad about this track that doesnt merit a Bonus Pack inclusion. Not even the raceline with really open areas is too bad. I guess it could stay in Bonus.Looks dated. Not very fun with slower cars. OK enough for bonus pack.Chess Night
Computer Virus 2Computer Virus 2Can potentially be a fun track, albeit very challenging. The theme is also pretty interesting.Computer Virus 2
DaydreamingDaydreamingNarrow, bit of rage inducing raceline, and textures are a bit bland too.Daydreaming
Ghost Town 3Ghost Town 3Nice combo of the two Ghost Town tracks, albeit some of the object inclusions seem rather random. Lighting and ambiance is also not the best in this track.Lack of skybox or dirt properties (cars drive like they're on asphalt). It's an interesting merge, but not sure if it's worth a revision.Ghost Town 3
Green NightReviseGreen NightAnother neat .prm kit track, just afraid that the textures didn't stand the test of time and the somewhat random placement of some obstacles might be problematicVery low quality textures. Confusing raceline, I sometimes still forget to go left at that one corner.Green Night
Hello KittyHello KittyBit of a boring raceline, but other than that, nothing against it.Hello Kitty
Isola VerdeReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseReviseIsola VerdeCould be a Main-pack candidate with a proper Redux.Me and Gotolei have what's needed for a revised version with better textures and shading.Needs a Redux version.I'm voting no since we don't have a revision ready yet, but when it's done it's likely going to be a good main pack candidate.Isola Verde
MKDD Airship FortressRevoteMKDD Airship FortressInteresting track with a fun raceline, textures may be a bit subpar though.Needs to go in a cartoon track pack.MKDD Airship Fortress
MKDD Wario ColosseumMKDD Wario ColosseumSome camera bugs and overall just not my cup of tea when it comes to an interesting raceline.MKDD Wario Colosseum
Re-Volt CruisesReviseReviseRe-Volt CruisesAside from the part with the incoming traffic, its a nice short track with an interesting theme. Textures are also way above average, kinda appealing and neatly done in my eyes.Looks dated. I recall there was a lot of criticism from players on this one. Would not consider it again until have a revision.Re-Volt Cruises
Space OdysseySpace OdysseySame problem as with Hello Kitty, may be too boring but there's nothing intrinsically wrong with it. Space Odyssey
Splash MountainsSplash MountainsVery very bland and long. Also, not the best textures.Splash Mountains
Sunset HillsSunset HillsAnother of Hils tracks that might be a bit boring, sadly. May be a good option for faster cars though.Agreed that it's a bit boring, unfortunately. Still OK enough for the bonus pack. However, the music should be removed or replaced.Sunset Hills
Temple of the Burning DarknessTemple of the Burning DarknessCan't pinpoint anything wrong with this track, but for some reason doesnt have what's needed for a Main Pack inclusion. Maybe due to being essencially an oval with ups and downs?Temple of the Burning Darkness
Toys in the Hood EXToys in the Hood EXDefinitely has enough quality to warant a Bonus Pack inclusion, although some areas of the hood may feel disproportionately wide.Ditto.Toys in the Hood EX
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain