Cliffside CourtReviseCliffside CourtToo many bumps due to it being a MKW custom track. Would have voted bonus if i wasnt the one who converted itNice flow and fun aesthetic theme.Not good enough for Main Pack. Good Bonus track.Interesting track even though the flow is a bit awkward.With some texture and world fixes this could potentially be main pack material.Simple fun track. Pickups could be added.Cliffside Court
Floating TemplesFloating TemplesWay too simple in every aspectToo narrow for racing.Too narrow, graphically not good enough.Not visually appealing, and the narrow raceline that gives no room for errors has ragequit and drama written all over it.Floating Temples
Floating WorldFloating WorldCould be something with a full redux but its not high priority for thatSee above.Too narrow, too many obstacles. Graphically OK.Ditto from Floating Temples.Floating World
FukushimaReviseReviseReviseFukushimaMay be worked into bonus with picks but I dont think track changes for bonus are worth our timeThe raceline is sorta bland. I also don't like the theme/name of the track too much.Not good enough.Nice raceline that even though it seems a bit press forward, it has some nice elements to make it interesting. I enjoy it a lot.Just needs more powerups.Needs pickups.This is fairly enjoyable to race on, but it still has that cheesy hilaire9 flair. The name/theme itself might be controversial.Fukushima
HMS InvincibleReviseReviseReviseHMS InvincibleCould be something with a full redux but its not high priority for thatSimple and fun track in its current state. Graphics don't fit into Main Pack though.Bad guiding, graphically not good. Could be reworked, but not sure if it's worth it.
There's nothing intrinsically bad with the track in my eyes, just the subpar textures and lack of proper shading/ambience. Bonus Pack at least.The uphill ramp needs reworking, otherwise it's fine.It's a nice theme to have in the pack, but it looks terrible (see others' notes). Needs a rework if we are to consider it.HMS Invincible
Hotel-VoltHotel-VoltStarting position wrong. Even after fixing it I dont like itWrong starting position coordinates?
Falling into void.
Falling into the void as well???I remember racing on this for the first time and it was extremely confusing, even after a few laps. Graphics are nothing special either.Hotel-Volt
Hull Breach 2RevoteHull Breach 2Raceline in many parts either too simple or badly communicated, graphics are datedToo much wide open area with unsatsfying gameplay.Very bad raceline. Graphically not good.Interesting raceline, albeit a bit too wide probably. One of Skitch's early attempts, so shading is not the best, but it's a very solid Bonus Pack track in my eyes.Can't add anything more to what the others said. Despite its flaws though, I think it's decent enough for the bonus pack.Hull Breach 2
Nhood GrimmNhood GrimmToo many eternally long straightsLong straight-aways with little variety.Same as Hull Breach 2, very bad raceline without any highlights.
Visually appealling, but the wide raceline is probably a bit too boring. Nhood Grimm
Smashride CircuitSmashride CircuitFun track in general and really high quality but I dislike the placement of the pickups as they're mostly clumped together in clusters.Most fun track this year. I see no reason to not bring this to the Main Pack.Lots of fun in this track! Consider adding Mace's version with fire around the spiked hoop, it's a really nice touch (if Alex agrees of course).See my suggestion.Smashride Circuit
SynthwaveRevoteSynthwaveNot gonna veto the inclusion this time but I still don't like the trackThe track feels like a lego track judging from the race line. Lovely visuals though.Not sure if this track is good for the health of the eyes.
Otherwise a good bonus-track.
Press forward track, but for some reason it appeals to me a lot. Also, curves and jumps are sooooo smooth, would make an interesting Bonus Pack choice at least.I love synthwave themes, and this is a nice albeit simple attempt. The music is copyrighted though, and it's pointless without it. I suggest waiting for Synthwave 2.Synthwave
The CatacombsThe CatacombsOne of the all time best Lego feeling tracks imo. Amazing visuals and fun raceline but due to being a Lego track just too narrow for proper racing with 10+ people. Still gonna vote bonus on it because I like it a lot.It's nice, but still too much Lego for a Bonus-track.One of the very few lego tracks that honestly doesnt feel like one. Amazingly eerie atmosphere with a really interesting raceline and visuals that make it unparalleled imo. The Catacombs
TW Xtreme Micro SportTW Xtreme Micro SportDoesnt look good, raceline isn't anything special. Did I get a seüarate version cause there were like 4 stars one could take with no issue and I see one one else mentioning itThere's no need for another supbar TW track. We've got TW EX already.If this get in Bonus, then Xarc's TW EX must get to Main.Not Skitch's best finest masterpiece due to a bit bland textures and lighting, but can be interesting nonetheless.TW Xtreme Micro Sport
Via VareseReviseReviseReviseVia VareseGot the hil stankUnfun track design i. e. random bumps with unappealing visuals to boot.We have enough Hil tracks with more interesting racelines.Nice flow and visuals, though Hil's cronical problem with non-smooth roads can be troublesome.Just needs powerups as per my suggestion.Needs more powerups. Still think Harbour Lights is a better option.Not acceptable at all without a graphical makeover. It makes me feel and taste the rainbow.Via Varese
WaterfallWaterfallThe area this is based on doesn't really work as a 3D enviorement. Dark tones too dark, bright tones too brightReally fun short track but it's a bit narrow and too dark at points.Interesting, nice graphics, but all in all not good enough.Interesting graphics, challenging but not impossible racline. Solid Bonus Pack for me.I'm really fond of the design, but I feel the execution wasn't exactly top-notch, considering it's one of Instant's earlier tracks. I'd love to see a 2nd attempt in the future.Waterfall
Zero DegreesZero DegreesToo many eternally long straightsA snoozefest for anything that isn't going at least 45 mp/h.Too boring for slower cars.Even though we could potentially remove the slippery areas, it's probably too wide and boring, as stated previously.Zero Degrees
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