RetraRetraWhile I do enjoy it's parameters and overall the car does look decent, parts of the body do look quite empty. It's also a buggy in an already very buggy heavy class so it would sadly just drown and be forgotten with the rest. Easy inclusion for bonus though."Fun car with balanced parameters, some aspects of the paintjob and overall aesthetics make me lean more towards Bonus Pack though."Retra
Roadie RoyRoadie RoyVery cool concept for a skin but execution wise it does falter with it's harsh cutoffs and empty back. Also from the back it looks like it got squashed a bit. Very clear it was one of Trixeds earlier cars, may be one to revisit as there is untapped potential here.Very bland and uninspired parameters. No real downside to the car other than the top speed, but even that is pretty good. No real issue with the skins honestly, but i think it would be pack filler at best."A little boxy van with colourful and varied skins. It’s somewhat lackluster parameters could make it pend more towards Bonus Pack though."Paintjobs do not fit in properly.Main issue with the paintjob is that it's too low-res; other qualms are mostly subjective. I think it's worth having it in the bonus pack, at least. A redux might be really cool.Roadie Roy
Bad BisonAmateurReviseReviseReclassReviseReclass
Bad BisonNot a huge fan of this dangerously 90s skin but it fits to the car bouncing around as silly as this. Something very different for a Rookie class that's feels more homogenous that other classes. Hitbox extends significantly further to the sides than it's visual model"Might hold to it full potential in the right hands, though I admit I was probably a bit too optimistic with its performance. Despite that, it's a really good example of a stock-like recreation of an existing car. Move it to Rookies.Move to Rookie.I think this needs a bit more polishing. The aerial is too low. Springs & axles do not connect properly to the center of the wheel. Paintjob feels a bit tacky, might be worth a makeover. The car looks a bit bland from the rear, could use some additions to the model there. However, it's really fun to drive.Bad Bison
Rebound 4x4ReviseReclassReclassRebound 4x4"Visually unique, although there are some aspects about the texture that could use some polishing, but nothing too major. It's performance may be best suited for the Rookie Class."Move to Rookie.We absolutely do need a Rotor-style car that people would actually drive, and I think this is pretty nice. The parameters aren't anything impressive, but the visuals are pretty nice. I'm especially fond of how each side has a different color/paintjob.Rebound 4x4
RelianceReviseReviseRelianceCertainly an interesting car but some of the livery choices, especially the logo on the front and text on the sides, are a letdown. Cool car shape and pleasant parameters can certainly make it worthwhile in bonus."Rather elongated weird/funny shape, but sadly it's not Xarc’s finest moment in terms of paintjob. It’s definitely decent enough to warrant a place in the Bonus Pack, it’s parameters are entertaining."Agreed with the others; I'd also add that its scale is a bit small. You can notice that by comparing the wheel size to other cars. No qualms about the parameters, although it's nothing special enough to make up for its visual shortcomings. Revise, maybe?Reliance
Star CarbsStar Carbs"Nice parameters for a rather dull class, its a pretty capable car that packs quite a lot visually with its wide array of skins. I suspect Daytona's Hornet skins may also be compatible with it, since its based on the same model."Base paintjob is lacking along with having Humma taillights.This might be my favourite NASCAR style car so far. The paintjob is really nice and gives it a toy-like feel. The parameters are nothing special, though.Star Carbs
Flat FreighterAdvancedFlat FreighterAdvanced may lack a heavyweight but this isn't it. Paintjob incredibly simple and model just silly to an extent where it looks out of place basically anywhere."Paintjob is a little lackluster, but it’s an heavy duty vehicle that’d be a nice addition to the packs. I’m pending more towards Bonus Pack due to the said paintjob though."Paintjob is lacking.Agreed with Alex. I also dislike the understeering, but that's down to personal preference.Flat Freighter
RCS4RCS4I'm pretty torn as it is a really fun drive but visually it does fall below pack standards visually. Little contrast between color choices and the simple shape motif leaves to be desired, especially up top where there isn't a black line to make the shapes clearer."Good competitor all around with solid looks to boot, really good car for the Advanced class. I really love it's shape too."Paintjobs are too saturated and somewhat lack shading.I actually thought this was another Venom Vector repaint due to an issue it shares: the model is far too blocky. I wouldn't be quick to call it personal preference; I honestly think it makes it look too low-poly compared to other cars. Also agreed about the paintjob. It is interesting to drive, though.RCS4
MDJ-300Semi-ProReviseReviseMDJ-300While impressive it's sadly another victim of the pack standard being stocklike. The very busy paintjob looks great up close but looks out of place within the main pack. Also the lines on the windows end up looking odd with the camera further away when playing."Gotta be honest, despite being a terrific work by Norf, Burner and Ziggy, I’m not fond of several aspects of the car (camber, small size, doesn’t really look like a RC car). Parameters are definitely interesting, so I’d like to see it in the Bonus Pack at least."I love the design, and it's really fun to drive! My main issue with it is that it is far too small compared to other cars, so it'd need to be scaled up a bit. The aerial also needs repositioning: half of it sticks out from the rear window.MDJ-300
PentaReviseRevisePentaThe dark yellow and light blue just doesn't look good sadly as it would look really nice with better color choice."Its parameters are definitely competitive in my opinion, and is probably a top tier car for the Semi-Pro class that’s bound to shake the competition. I can agree it’s paintjob is not the most interesting thing out there, but nevertheless it’s Main Pack deserving."Poor choice of colour scheme. Also slightly overtuned.I agree with the rest, and would add that the head lights (maybe the rear lights, too) are not as wide apart as they should be.Penta
Ayrton SPProReviseReviseReviseAyrton SPVery sweet overall. Some nitpicks perhaps in the skin but the overall package is strong enough to warrant inclusion."It definitely feels like a Pro Pole Poz, it’s not up there in terms of performance but its shape and overall handling makes it a welcome addition in the Main Pack."Good visuals, just needs more competitive params. And as Vic pointed out, ENV issues need fixing.I still consider cars with open cockpits to be unfitting. In this particular case it's even worse, as the ENV is not disabled for the cockpit.Ayrton SP
Sater XL rework
Sater XL rework
"Seems like a good improvement over Sater XL. The purple livery sure is catchy, and underwent some really nice improvements since the last time I saw it. There may be some things that need polishing with its performance within the class, aside from that, I think it's Main Pack material with a bit of tinkering."Params need doublechecking, but the visuals are a lot better than I remember.I honestly don't know if it's really an improvement over Sater XL, but it's still solid on its own. Already suggested to burner, but at the moment the wheels seem a bit small, and I think the purple could be desaturated a little bit. Abstaining for now.BanKing
Sater XL rework
Dirt GearReviseReviseDirt GearTexture not good looking, especially the font choices and details. Body shapes like a big blob. Doesn't even feel like it has that might wheight while driving despite it being absolutely huge."It definitely fills a nice niche in the Main Pack as a heavy duty, bumpy terrain sort of car. Its current parameters and overall stability might make it more suitable for Semi-Pro though (if this gets in the pack, I have corrected files for the off-center wheels.)"Car is way too big. The 256 textures do not help either.Haven't seen this one in a while. Quite nostalgic, but the truth is that it doesn't fit in with today's pack standards. My main qualms are with the visuals: the model is very blocky, texture is too low-res, and the wheels clip through the car. I'd love to see a polished version someday.Dirt Gear
Mach 9ReviseReviseMach 9Skin design looks good from the from but front the back not so much. Color choices uninteresting. Drives fine enough."Considered by many as a railer, in my opinion it may be a decent opponent for Toyeca given the current meta. It’s the only completely original buggy by Hi-ban, and I think it has enough quality for the Main Pack."Needs more competitive params.It has a design leaning more towards realism, which might make it stick out a bit. I do agree with what everyone else said, but ultimately I think it would be more appropriate to have in the bonus pack for now.Mach 9
Power StationReclassReviseReclass
Power StationTexture may be low res in parts but It does look really good from the back. Really fun to drive but it may drown in multiplayer chaos as slidy cars tend to do, may be worth looking at including it in Semi-Pros instead."I honestly like its sliddy parameters, what puts me off a bit is the slightly blurred texture in some parts. I'll vote Main, but if that's not possible, I'd like to see it in Bonus at least."The remodel and the stellar paintjobs are enough to help make it barely resemble the car it was based off of. Params are something different as well. Move to Semi-Pro.The design is really cool and it's a blast to drive. My only issue is the texture resolution, I'd propose upscaling it to 512x512.Power Station
QuadraliteReviseReclassReclassQuadraliteWhile I really appreceate more Rotor-likes it's such absolute garbanzo on every jump it would be near unplayable in multi."A much deserved stockification for one of Ziggy's cars from the Rotor Masterpack, the new looks coupled with the interesting params make this a good, quirky car to add variety to the packs."Move to Semi-Pro.We really need a Rotor-like car that people would actually use, but I don't think this is it. I'm not a fan of how it looks like from the rear, it feels a bit small, and the paintjob's kinda simple. Definitely an improvement over Rotor handling-wise, though.Quadralite
ShinoReviseReviseShinoVisually not very good, lots of empty space and bland stripes. I'll die on the hill that the RVGL logo is a terrible decal choice for cars."It's definitely a very nice car, and drives accordingly, since it’s pace and handling is probably on par with high tier cars making. I’m not opposed to see it being upgraded from the Bonus Pack into main, but I don’t mind having it staying on Bonus either. If this was the spreadsheet, I’d probably abstain."The dark grey contrasts pretty badly with the other colors. In my opinion, the RVGL logo is not a deal breaker for the bonus pack. However, there are a lot of aspects of the paintjob that just make it subpar. Trixed has improved a lot since then and I hope he'll give this car some love again sometime.Shino
Time KillerReviseReviseTime KillerAbsolutely nothing paintjob. Parameters will drown in multiplayer."Handling can be a bit of a nuisance, it needs a decent ammount of practice even for old timers, but is pretty fun once you get used to it. Paintjob is nothing too remarkable either, but I'd like to see it in the Bonus Pack at least."Paintjob is extremely lacking.Cute design, but agreed with the others that it's a bit too simple. The parameters seem a bit hard to master which might make it difficult to judge how competitive they are. If anything, though, they can provide a pretty good challenge for veteran players. But before that, tweak the paintjob.Time Killer
Anaconda GTSuper ProReviseReviseAnaconda GTReally fun to drive, skin is a bit weird but the rest certainly makes up for it."Balanced to the Super Pro class , even though at times it may feel a bit lacking in terms of pace. It's main strength is in its speed, so the lack of acceleration and instability when fighting for pack positions balance its performance fairly well. Main Pack for me."Not sold on the default paintjob (same with Sentaro XL), but the alternative paintjobs make up for it, ontop of competitive params.I love the Viper, but I'm on the fence with this one. It's too close to the real thing, the head lights are not as wide apart as they should be, and all the paintjobs could use some improvements. Parameters are somewhat railer-like and aren't really selling it to me either. I'd like to see a redux of this.Anaconda GT
ArionReviseReviseReviseArionOvertuned railer, if it would slide a little more at lower speeds it would make for a much more interesting car"Certainly an improvement in terms of pace on the car it was based upon, its looks alone are quite mezmering. I'd say its handling is rather balanced because despite being a bit of a railer, its top speed and lack of stability when fighting for pack positions may be important hinderances to consider."Params are a bit overtuned.I don't really think this counts as a railer, but I agree that it feels a bit overtuned. However, I wouldn't make it slide more; the design of the car makes it more appropriate for higher grip. Speaking of the design, the paintjob is quite striking; this might be one of Trixed's best works yet.Arion
DaemmonReviseReviseReviseDaemmonReally fond of this one visually. Colors work very well with the body and livery design. Fun in singleplayer but will be battered in multi. Main on parameter revision, bonus if not."ABSTAIN - Could indeed use a performance bump if it ever gets in the Packs, I originally made with the intent of being challenging in the Single Player setting, which can be troublesome online. It does feel more competitive in the Arcade game mode in comparison with Simulation."Needs more competitive params.I really like the design for this one, and I personally find the parameters very interesting. Either move it to a different class or revise the parameters without getting rid of its gimmick (oversteering at low speed, understeering at high speed).Daemmon
ElytaReviseReviseReviseReviseElytaI love dark green with gold. Looks beautiful but there are colission issues that need to be addressed."A ballanced and fun car that seems to be a fan favourite already, it's definitely a good friendly car fit for newcomers to the Super Pro class."Params are a bit overtuned, plus I see collision issues.Elyta
EndoReviseReviseEndoSweet car, like the params too, no real issue for me"A solid Main Pack car for me, everything falls into place really neatly: from the amazing texture, to the interesting params, its a no brainer."I don't know what's lacking about the params, but personally I think this is the most fun to drive car from the entire batch. If it ends up revised, the handling should not be touched. I'm a bit on the fence regarding the visuals but I've no real complaints other than the scale -- it feels a little bit oversized.Endo
FeralReviseFeralColor choices are meh and there is an insane amount of empty space. Parameters are good but sadly coupled with a car that's not up to pack standard visually."A really, REALLY fun car to drive, it's so nimble and responsive and overall feels really refreshing. It may be a bit over overtuned in its current state. Main Pack with some revisions for me."Visuals are lacking.I don't have much to add. The parameters are alright, but the visuals seem underwhelming to me.Feral
PR-45ReviseReviseRevisePR-45Color choice on the carbox skin is just bad. Red-white-blue skin may have looked nice but the purple details are no good."This buggy can stand its ground against the other Super Pros, which is pretty nice. There are some aspects about its paintjob though which I feel could be polished further (mainly the lack of texture shading and somewhat saturated colours), but otherwise I feel as if this can be a good contender for Main Pack."Paintjobs are oversaturated, and the params are more of a low-tier Pro than a Super Pro.I think this deserves a chance, but it needs a couple of changes: Switch to one of the alternative paintjobs, and desaturate them all, as Saff proposed. Texture shading as Mighty said would help a bit, too. Some extra details on all paintjobs would go far as well. Parameters are a bit bland.PR-45
RZN 5ReworkReworkRework
RZN 5Really nice looking car but reworking Xarcs cars purely for pack inclusion is something I'm not too fond of. I felt it was needed at first to keep the pack from being completely gutted but now I just don't see it as necesarry anymore. If a rework does happen it should be suggested seperately."More powerful and manouverable than its previous counterpart (Dark Atom), while still retaining a lower acceleration than the rest of the Super Pro pack. It's top speed may be a bit problematic, and needing revision, also Xarc Rule means it's looks should be adressed."Car needs revised params (52 mph top speed is unacceptable, plus the car isn't competitive) and a new identity (as per the author's stipulation). Replace with Nain if it gets voted in.The shadow needs more blur. Model's kinda blocky and the texture's a bit low-res, but it's not too bad. It does have a unique design, though. Voting green because Nain solves most of these issues, except the shadow (and the purple could be desaturated a bit, too). I prefer the Dark Atom paintjob, though.RZN 5
"A car that's been here since the inception of the Super Pro class, and whose parameters have already been revised accordingly. It's lackluster original paintjob was keeping it from shinning in the Main Pack, which I feel is not an issue anymore with this visual overhaul by Xarc."With the revised paintjob courtesy of Xarc, it's a worthwhile addition to the pack again.The reworked version solves all of the issues it previously had (especially the paintjob, it looks amazing now). I'm all in favor of moving it to the main pack. That said, I think the model could still be polished a little bit in the future -- looks a bit rough.Sideswipe
Skull CrusherReviseReviseReviseSkull CrusherFills something that the pack hasn't had before. Only nitpick is the lonely skull on the back but the rest it strong enough to ignore that. Mayyyyybe not quite stocklike enough for main but I'm willing to overlook that for this.We are missing some viable big boys from Spros. And he a big boy, that might just be more viable than King Moloko"Definitely a very fun car, and would add good variety to the packs. However, I have one big problem with it, and that's the sheer size of the car body... looks HUGE and disproportionate in comparison to all the rest. Bonus Pack in the current version, Main Pack if the issue is adressed."Good visuals and balanced params. Something different for the class as well.It has BONCZY and it LEEEEAAAANS. Very fun car. Kinda agreeing with Mighty there though, so I lean towards the bonus pack for now.Skull Crusher
Sterling F77ReviseSterling F77Absolutely beauty of a car. Drives very well. Easiest inclusion of my life."Interesting car for the Super Pros, even though we are probably starting to see an overcrowding of such body shapes in the class. Regardless of that, it's a balanced and competitive parameters with a couple of quirky touches that make it very fun to drive."Good visuals, multiple paintjobs, balanced params. A no-brainer.In all honesty, I find the paintjobs rather bland. Not much of a difference at this point, but I'd rather have it in bonus unless revised. Alternatively, switching to the black/yellow Cabriolet paintjob might be good enough, as it has the best balance (still kinda bland in the rear, though). Also, it seems a bit small.Sterling F77
Super PhantumSuper PhantumFeels like only the hood and side are complete. The entire back half of the top is just empty.Paintjob is fine by me, i just think it might be a bit overtuned. With its current params and looks it doesnt particularly gauge my interest."A new Super Pro with an interesting concept and shape, it can stand its ground against opposition. Would definitely like to see what it can do in the Main Pack."Paintjob is lacking.Agreed with Alex and Saff, it almost feels incomplete. It could use some better texture shading, too.Super Phantum
VulkanVulkanCool looking but way too out there for main and not fun enough to drive for bonus.euch, doesnt look like it would belong with the stocks, very wonky, euch"Another new good car, reworked straight from the Rotor Masterpack - sadly, it's design maybe a tad too outlandish for the current Main Pack aesthetics. It's parameters are also a bit lackluster for the Super Pro class it's currently in. Overall though, it's still a very nice work, and could find it's place in the Bonus Pack eventually."Unremarkable visuals, frustrating to drive and incredibly uncompetitive.Not stock-like so not appropriate for the main pack, but I find the design pretty cool. I disagree about its handling though, I honestly find it pretty fun.Vulkan
XM250ReviseReviseReviseXM250Visually stunning. Drives well but I'll leave pace concerns to others as that seems to have been tested already."Boy, this guy is FAST. Maybe way too fast. Nothing to point out about its looks, they’re as good as they get, but maybe it’s currently slightly overtuned. Definitely Main Pack."Params are a bit overtuned, otherwise a very solid car.Alternative paintjob's pretty wonky, but ultimately I agree, this might just be the best looking car we have this batch (if not overall). Although I can't comment on the balance, what I can say is that it's pretty fun to drive, barring the fact that it's kinda close to rail-handling.XM250
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