Ever AfterEver AfterFun in singleplayer but whenever people use bonus for multi they smash the whole tracklist in so ya gotta do what ya gotta doBeyond savingToo many narrow paths and the grass isles between the portals are pretty unraceable. Groundbreaking track when first released, but as Alex said, not fit for Multiplayer.Portals are rarely going to be good track design, but the issues of this track goes far beyond that. Pointing these flaws out to the author will only result in a boomer's rage.Ever After
Medieval: ReduxMedieval: ReduxCompetent raceline, sexy track. Easy greenA solid yes to Main Pack inclusion. Redux made an already solid track even better.See my post in #suggestions.Medieval: Redux
Mirrored tracksMirrored tracksFattest red vote of my lifei feel like saff and i have said it all too much alreadyI don't really have an opinion on this, so I'll abstain.They are not fun, they never were fun, and will never be fun. Frustrating and confusing for those who have issues with these kinds of matters, and straight up ableist for those severely disadvantaged.Mirrored tracks
Museum 3ReviseReviseMuseum 3Very neat rejumbling of the OG Museum assets, perhaps not a permanent mainpack fixture but certainly worth a shotNeeds more pickups, the first player can hog all of em. Other than that, surprisingly fun raceline, even with more pickups it should be fine.I did some fixes to adress some major issues that the RVZ version had, kinda curious to see how it turns out. Pretty fun track by Hil, was kinda overlooked for years for some reason.Will be somewhat frustrating online with the first U-turn and the big crossroad, but I won't get in the way of this getting in the pack. Museum 3
WildlandWildlandFattest green vote of my life*chef's kiss*Straight into the Main Pack you go.Move to Classic.Should be in Featured; it's a fantastic track, but design-wise it follows a more realistic theme than the other Classic tracks.Wildland
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain