PanoramaRookiePanoramaHuge improvement over old version but still delightfully sillyRevised version is juicy, exudes quirkiness that's characteristic of Paul Phippen's concepts. Will also improve the Rookie roster.Not 100% about this one, but it's a major improvement over the old version.Panorama
Road StarReviseReviseReviseRoad StarA small Rookie, made for rookies. I already revised the hull issues.Stockified first generation A-Class meets R6 Turbo. Collision needs fixing, nothing else bad to say.Road Star
Sweet TreatsReviseReviseSweet TreatsLooks like a car from a mobile gameInteresting and neatly executed car, but I think it fits best the Bonus Pack.A well-made car, but not one fit for any pack.Sweet Treats
YellaYellaFeels like it came out of a whole different gametake old yella out back and just BLAOWNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.A worse Porumbarul.Yella
Big RockAmateurBig Rocksee aboveNot sure if it fits the Main Pack, but could be a good heavy duty substitute for Dump Truck in Bonus. If it gets in the packs, revert to black tires instead.Too big and blocky, ontop of the contrasting wheels.Big Rock
Jungle RangerJungle Rangersee aboveNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.Seriously, what's with these wheels?Jungle Ranger
To replace Nashorn
To replace Nashorn
Huge visual upgrade compared to Nashorn imoI like both Nashorn and this revised version of Aerozad, tough choice for me.nashorn to bonusAerozad
To replace Nashorn
Micro TacheReviseReviseReviseMicro TacheWhats going on with the skin selection in this? May need to be cleaned up if possibleMake Norfair's skin revison the default skin.Collision issues.Micro Tache
RC ActionRC ActionVisual improvement but params will drown in a multiplayer settingpartly ptsd but i really dont prefer this carRevised version is juicy. Challenging params that dont make it OP like its predecessor.Still Bonus material at best, no matter how good the shading is.RC Action
SargeSargeA car so bland its hard for me to really have an opinion on, I can play tiebreaker if needed but really I dont mind either wayOne of the few cars from the RC Revenge wave that I feel its worth adding, as it somewhat fits the current Pack aesthetic.A well-made vehicle, but it doesn't sit well with me considering current events.Sarge
Swizz CheeserSwizz CheeserFine example of how to make an interesting stock car, both in terms of looks and handling.Well-made, but nothing jawdropping.Swizz Cheeser
The CorporalThe CorporalTheseNot sure if it fits the Main Pack aesthetics, but I could see it as a military themed car option for the Bonus Pack. If it gets in the packs, revert to black tires instead.Back at it again with the low-res skin and those wheel textures.The Corporal
Canary XLSemi-ProCanary XLMan those RCR Taillights are uglyallNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.Much better graphics than most of the RCR cars suggested.Canary XL
Lunar RoaderLunar RoaderIts real cool but so far out there aestheticallylookNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.Doesn't fit. Why suggest this?Lunar Roader
Nitrox XLiNitrox XLiboringOne of the few cars from the RC Revenge wave that I feel its worth adding, as it somewhat fits the current Pack aesthetic. Neat shape on top of it.No paintjob to speak of. Taillights just stick out as well.Nitrox XLi
RC-ErraReviseReviseRC-ErraGood car to point newcomers toParams are not outstanding, but it looks rad. Good car for newcomers.Collision issues.RC-Erra
SiriReviseReviseSiriNot a fan of the painjob.I do like the theme, but some elements do need revising. Updating the taillights, and getting rid of that SENPAI decal as well, would be a good start.Siri
Vault ExpressVault ExpressBig heavy vans are welcome, but something isn't quite clicking for me. Would like to see this big boy in the Bonus Pack at least.Well executed, but doesn't fit in the main pack.Vault Express
WildxycRevoteWildxycfuck it, i like this carSee my suggestion.Weird dimensions, blocky mesh. Pass.Wildxyc
WinchWinchVery interesting car, both in terms of shape and params. Another heavy duty vehicle, we need more of those.beegWinch
WingerReviseWingerVery cool, why does it sound like a Formula E car though?See my suggestion.Very well executed, especially the exhaust. Unsure about the paintjobs though. Overtuned.Winger
BajaVoltProReviseReviseBajaVoltSee my suggestion.Fun to drive, not sure about the paintjob though. Undertuned.BajaVolt
Chimera TCReviseReviseReviseChimera TCSee my suggestion.Collision issues. Overtuned.make black paintjob default,
blue doesn't have good contrast
Chimera TC
Concept 3000Concept 3000Same as Lunar LoaderNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.Unsure about the dimensions.Concept 3000
Dark AvengerDark AvengerNot sure if it fits the Pack aesthetics.The whole package is lacking.Dark Avenger
RC BulldogReviseReviseRC BulldogOh this ruleswhat the corporal wishes to be6 wheeler + military vehicle = Love. Drives like a charm too.We could always do with more six-wheelers. Severely undertuned.look at middle wheels while racingRC Bulldog
Skull DuggerySkull DuggeryI love this but I can't justify this being in the main packOk, Panga needs a companion, and quite honestly, I think this guy fits the part. We need some zany cars every once in a while. Plus, glowing red eyes look sick.Not enough polygons, and the texture is seriously lacking. Why does this need multiple paintjobs as well?ban pangaSkull Duggery
Sling MasterSling MasterAmazing car, but concerned about some aspects of that aren't quite stocklike.Car is way too big, and the wheel textures would need toning down.Sling Master
Wing KingReviseReviseReviseWing KingPaintjobFine example of how to make an interesting stock car, both in terms of looks and handling.Paintjob is lacking. Undertuned.paintjobWing King
ArmandSuper ProArmandA balanced car fit for to expanding the pool of beginner-level Super Pros.Not distinct enough compared to the JG-bodied cars it's based off of.Armand
ColterColterNot quite my taste, both in terms of looks and handling.Params are wack, paintjob is lacking.Colter
I still think the parameters are quite interesting, even if overtuned. Would like to see it in Bonus at least. Car hasn't changed since it was last suggested. Visuals are still lacking, and the params are still undertuned.Feral... again.
HilerionHilerionThe name hil sure is fitting with color choices as hard on the eyes as thisLooks stock-like enough to grab my attention, but parameters are a no-no. Could still make an interesting Bonus car.Unique params, but the paintjob needs more to it.Hilerion
LowenherzLowenherzOutstanding car, but again, doesn't quite fit the current aesthetics of the Packs due to being a bit too overly detailed. Params aren't anything special either.Incredibly well-made, but just not a good fit for the pack because of the detail.Lowenherz
Maxxas XLR8ReviseReviseMaxxas XLR8See my suggestion.Undertuned.Maxxas XLR8
Megalodon XLMegalodon XLman what a car name first of allWild and agressive looks coupled with competitive params. I like this wide boy.Very fun to drive, and nice to look at.Megalodon XL
Smash XLSmash XLLooks like an Alls Fair carMarklanchvars next AF carA big heavy vehicle, an interesting sight in the Super Pro class. The texture however, raises some visual questions that might make it more fitting of the Bonus Pack.Way too big, and the paintjob doesn't fit.Smash XL
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