Albatross GTRookieAlbatross GTThe car is easy to use, and it is different enough from the other easy rookie cars.Fun to play, relatively easy and looks pretty goodStraight forward car that looks and feels great.Car looks and drives like a charm, I see no reason for this not to be one of the new favourites in the future.Overall good carStriking visuals for the class with a nice paintjob and competitive params. Easy to drive and do well with, its only drawback being slighty wonky suspension.Was a bit on the fence about the design, but it doesn’t stick out too badly. Very fun to drive, although a bit lacking in pace.Albatross GT
Get AirGet AirUnique enough to consider.Best big car I've played, very fun to driveWhile this car just exudes personality from both its looks and the way the suspensions and CoM function, I do wonder if it'll fare well in online play where chaos and lag is prevalent or it's nothing more than an (extremely fun) gimmick.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. BiG aNd BoUncY.Quirky monster truckI’m really liking what’s going on here, but the car is extremely difficult to drive because of its suspension. It’s also lacking pace for the class, making it undertuned overall.Lacking in pace a lot, and the design might be a bit too outlandish for a permanent inclusion. However, it’s really fun and might be worth keeping it in for a while.Get Air
GuniorGuniorDoesn't have a place in main due to being bland, but ican see it being used in Bonus.Compared to Get Air, quite boring, I don't like it visually either, nothing impressiveI think its looks need a revamp, namely the back half of the car. Leaving the vote red for now, maybe new parameters will change my mind as right now they're nothing special either.Its a unique design for the Rookie class, and looks like an actual toy car. Params are challenging but rewarding.Too fast! The back doesn't look good, the details lack somethingThe paintjob is lacking, and the car as a whole is uncompetitive. With very heavy steering, while also having little grip on slippery surfaces, it’s very frustrating to drive.Unfortunately, it’s far too blocky and generally lacking in visual quality. Apologies to the author for the harshness, but I would not include it at all.Gunior
HakuneHakuneDoesn't feel special, and it's horribly inconsistent whn it comes to stability.Not exactly sure about this, I'll vote bonus, I don't like it enough for mainScale feels off, it's too large. Parameters feel fine but I'd still advise changing the way it spins out if you turn with prolonged presses, it feels uncalled for as the handling is fine the rest of the time and if it doesn't work for Emperor it won't work for Hakune.Weird but still capable handling and stocky, crude looks, but this guy's got charisma.Unstable on landings but fun to drive otherwiseAnother uncompetitive car that’s frustrating to drive with little reward, with the slow but slippery steering making it difficult to control. Paintjob is lacking quite a bit as well.This one seems a bit oversized and fairly average overall. However, I’d add it in for now due to the small number of Rookie cars.Hakune
RedwoodRedwoodI like the way it handles. Until Pace results I'll keep it green.Menacing looks, good simple carAnother relatively straight forward muscle car. It looks good and feels pleasant and breezy to drive.Akin to Maywood, I dont think it fits the main pack stylistically. Solid handling for the class though.Fun to drive but the car would be more of a stocklike with a traditional race livery with stickersAnother muscle car for the class, with a passable paintjob. Feels roughly the same to drive as Albatross GT, with similar pace as well.Real car engines in my R/C car racing game?!?! Outrageous! Otherwise it’s a pretty good looking car, worth adding due to the small number of Rookie cars.Redwood
T-CapsuleT-CapsuleI can see this car being op. I don't see a weakness.This car feels broken, no weaknessesAs stock-like and in line with the game's aesthetic as it gets, but parameters desperately need balancing if it's to be added, as I'm sure it's known.Capable Rookie meant to spice up the class. Futuristic looks with a neat colour combo.Looks very cool and is fun to driveUnremarkable to drive, with overtuned performance for the class, and collision issues.This one’s pace is a bit worrying. Let’s add it in for now, but we probably want to revote on it next season if it makes it in.T-Capsule
UpdraftUpdraftUndertsteer car for the class, we don't have a lot of those.Relatively normal car, understeery, decentIt feels fine to drive and it's among the more unique looking cars in its class in a good way.OW-CW has been voted green in the past, and this is basically a more friendly version of it. Looks way better on top of it.Cool to driveA good paintjob to give OW-CW a new identity, with competitve params only lacking in cornering.The understeer makes me sad. I liked OW-CW much better, but this is fine for now.Updraft
FirestormAmateurReviseFirestormThe way you make this work is hard, unintuitive, and unfun.It's capable but the way you're supposed to play it is unfunAnother muscle car that suffers from a case of spinning out for no good reason other than for the sake of having oversteer. Artifical and frankly unfun oversteer seems to be a trend among Trixed's muscle cars and I'll stick to my thoughts from Hakune: an Emperor in each class isn't needed.Definitely Bonus until those params are fixed, And even then, I think its more stylistically fit for that pack.Same with redwood, livery is what makes it stick out of the pack. Good car, nevertheless.This car is simply undrivable. It lacks pace, and has handling inbetween the likes of Pest Control and Riva TNT2. The paintjob isn’t particularly impressive either.Trixed, I will literally go to your house and kick your ass for RUINING my immersion, and so on and so forth. Anyway, neat car, but extremely lacking in pace. Has to be a Rookie (or buffed).Firestorm
MadnessMadnessFun to use, and there is no other car like it in the pack that feels this way of fun. Definitively not in the class.Tuned appropriately since I last played it, now it's balanced and it kept the fun aspectVery aesthetically pleasing but driving it feels a bit jarring as it feels very light and nimble for a car this size.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Big monster with mad acceleration.Looks are a ten, the car is kinda slow, thoughVisually too similar to BigVolt, even if the paintjob is nice. The slightly lacklustre pace of the car is at least counteracted by its size and how it drives decently in spite of it.The colors and overall design is a bit crazy, but otherwise it’s a pretty fun monster truck. Let’s roll it in for a while.Madness
ManfredManfredDon't see too many reasons to not place it in.I'm torn on this, and I want to vote yellow if I'm not decisive enoughFeels fantastic and looks even better.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Heavy one, we need more trucks like BHV1.Same with Madness, top notch model and design, it will be a challenging pickA great looking car with a nice paintjob and handling, boggled down by weird reflections on the body, and slightly lacking pace.Truck. Truck? Truck! Good truck.Manfred
Road KingRoad KingI can see clear weaknesses and strenghs. Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is a more unique car.Pretty fun and very unique, would stand out for sureEven though it's flashy, the design and parameters feel uninspired for me and miss the mark. I think it's bonus material.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Sturdy guy with funky parameters. Its suposed to be a toy, and looks the part.Might be too competitive for online, kinda like nitro crusherGreat to look at, with funky visuals and a nice paintjob. While nice to drive in spite of its heavy steering, it is somewhat overtuned for the class.While you can never have too many trucks, this one’s a tad too outlandish and possibly a tad OP. Similarly to T-Capsule, I would suggest revoting on it next season if it makes it in.Road King
Flower PowerAdvancedFlower PowerIntuitive way to drive, sacrificing slight control and weight for pace.Interesting concept, very vulnerable with clear weaknesses but has enoguh pace to fightStunning looks with a fun loose and twitchy feel to its driving. Has a weird tendency to do cartwheels sometimes though, could be worth looking into?I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Heavy steering and Peace.Nothing to say, another cool new type of car to add to the car collectionStylish car with an even better paintjob, boggled down by severe collision issues, and being overtuned for the class. Wheel offsets look incorrect as well.Can’t think of anything against it. Not my favourite, but it’s a massive improvement over the original and generally looks good. Suitable pace.Flower Power
H-EstateH-EstateUnique enough for the class.Does obviously resemble Humma but I think it's different enough, and it's fun to playTop notch looks and a straight forward and fun playstyle that this class desperately needs.While I love how it handles, looks are plain boring.Too remodel lookin'Paintjob is extremely lacking, it does not look distinct enough from what it’s based off of, and the params are overtuned for the class.Lacking in quality, would not include at all.H-Estate
HammerheadHammerheadFun to use and different enough to fit.Drives really well and has very sexy visualsAdvanced rated Humma. It's nice. Texture could use some touching up though, specifically the rear half as the car's rear view is a bit bland to look at while driving.I didn't think anyone could make a classic looking car look good with decals. Mad props to BTF for both that and the car's handling.Awesome in every wayA nice addition to the class with its visuals, a solid paintjob, and with very competitive params to boot.Similarly to Flower Power, it seems like a fairly solid car. Can’t say no to it.Hammerhead
Melon CrusherMelon CrusherFeels great to drive. Will probably have pew people playing it due to size and inconsistency, but it is a more unique car for the class. Can we change engine sound though?I really liked this car, but it's Top Speed is hella broken, this car would fit in Semi better in this state, needs a top speed nerf and then I'll green it for AdvancedOn pace with the likes of Marauder and Donnie TC without either's weaknesses.Actually capable for the class, big and fun monster extravaganza.Fun to drive, cool lookin'A very, very big beetle buggy with a decent paintjob. It’s unfortunate that it’s overtuned for the class, with its overall performance being a bit too good.It sticks out a bit visually, and its pace is a bit too fast for its weight. No good.Melon Crusher
NimbarNimbarI don't have to check pace, this car has acceleration and top speed comparable to Donnie TC with no downside.Possibly busted, doesn't look good eitherGrossly overtuned.Finally a contender for the "Capable Rotor" title. Looks sick.Cool rotor car, stocklike. Might be overpoweredDistinct visuals, fantastic paintjob. The params are severely overtuned for the class though, and has annoying collision issues.paceNimbar
StunnaStunnaLooks oddly low quality, to be honest. Handling may convince me if proven balanced.It's broken turning is matched with the low top speed, making it balanced, very fun to play, although the visuals could be sliiightly betterI think Hammerhead and H-Estate bring the loose and sliddy driving style to advanced better than Stunna does. Regardless, I'm not a fan of the looks either as the scale and topology feel a bit off from the rest of the roster, sort of in the same way as Ryu and The Knight.The car keeps up the pace, but there's something about the looks that dont quite ressonate with me. Maybe its the mesh body mesh?Cool to drive, looks similar to Marauder in terms of stocklike-ness.The carbox doesn’t do the visuals of the car justice. Fun to drive, with competitive params as well. However, the side of the car isn’t triangluated, and glitches out a lot.Really standard and not very interesting.Stunna
Tobe-2ReviseReviseTobe-2For how good the pace is, the car is a bit too stablePace seems too goodPretty much a Mary Sue. Flawless looks, but cannot be included in its current state.I feel this is a good all rounder car, not particularly good at anything but can hold its ground. Simple yet effective looks with the Bonus of being an "official" dev tier, cool lookin'Stunning visuals and a nice paintjob, with simply, friendly handling. It is way overtuned for the class though, unfortunately.Really nice car, but unfortunately the pace is far too fast. Would be happy to vote green on it if it fits in Semi-Pro or if the params are tweaked.Tobe-2
TwysterTwysterThis car is sick in more ways than oneReally unique, resembles an Advanced LocustEXTREMELY fun and unique car sporting grade A looks too. My new favorite in the class.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. It's also Norf's, so two abstains I guess? Mobility is key, at the expense of speed.Mighty and I made TwysterGood visuals and a top-tier paintjob can’t save this car from its lacklustre params. Incredibly sensitive four-wheel steering, coupled with mediocre pace makes for an uncompetitive car for the class.Wacky, but fairly solid overall.Twyster
Vibe BoxReviseReviseVibe BoxIt's a cool looking car, and it is easy to use, too bad it is a bit too strong.Not a fanIt's got funky params and while the looks are also equally funky I do think it looks a bit too blocky and blurry. That and it's a bit overtuned.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Race van go tier, cool car!Fantastic looking car with a funky paintjob. While also quite nice to drive, it’s quite overtuned for the class.Was leaning towards yes, but unfortunately it’s a bit OP.Vibe Box
Acclaim GTSemi-ProAcclaim GTThe car just fits.Very enjoyable to play, sublime visuals, great car, however I will note that it currently has a bug where rockets and balloons sometimes explode instantly upon shooting them, with the recoil killing you instantly. (it can be played around if you just use them when you are airbourne). I have informed Phimeek prior to the voting and he is aware of it, I have full trust in him that this issue will be resolved.Solid car all around from its looks to its feel. It's straight forward in the best way.Despite driving awesomely (maybe even too good?), stylistically I've always leaned for Bonus Pack with this car, and this time isn't an exception.The car has fantastic handling and is a blast to drive, with rewarding pace as well. The painjobs are lacking, however.I’m afraid I’m not very fond of the overall design, most notably due to the rear lights being too close together and due to inadequate shading.Acclaim GT
BlazarBlazarWe don't have another proper buggy type car in the class, and this one fits the bill.Good car and a lack of buggies in Semi makes this stand outBeginner friendly buggy that also looks the part. I think it's a good addition to the Semi-Pro novice friendly cars (also you always love to see a good looking buggy).It's handling is weird, in a good way. I feel this could be a good rival for Mambra. It's a buggy, cant ever get enough of buggies.A fun looking, competitive buggy with a stellar paintjob. Easy on the eyes, easy to drive, and very capable for the class.Solid car.Blazar
CossieCossieNothing bad t osay about it. Maybe size is too small, but it looks ok.This can safely replace AMA 25 as the drifty boi.I'm a big fan of bringing more drifty play styles into the IO pack mix, and this one hits the mark for me. Fun car to play around with + good looks to boot.A bit to narrow proportions and the paintjob isnt very inspired, but it still handles great.Not stocklike wheels, not flat.This car is intended to fill the same niche as AMA 25, The params are based off of it as well, albeit slightly detuned to account for a smaller car.Visually feels like it comes from a completely different game, in my opinion.Cossie
Dakota MysteryDakota MysteryWaaaaaaay too close to the original, afraid of copyright. And doesn't fit visually either way.For copyright alone, this feels out of place, also seems slowReally unsure about the scooby-doo livery. Also it doesn't bring anything new to the table imo.Looks good and more monster trucks would be extremely welcome, but the current params mean it might not keep up with the rest of the class.Super underpowered, amazing body and looks, fun to drive. Might be cool for someone who wants a chill drive.Great visuals along with a fantastic paintjob makes this one very easy on the eyes. The lower acceleration and pace are balanced out by the higher top speed, weight and size.visuals, custom honkDakota Mystery
HortenseHortenseBustedBusted accelerationI want to fight the impulse to vote red because I think the car is beneficial enough to keep in bonus. The other thing keeping me from voting red is that it's quite hard to control unlike the other suggestions we've seen that have this pace, and RC-Erra held its own in the Hortense vs RC-Erra session (where the latter even won).Weird proportions and params, and the paintjob isnt particularly pleasing to me.weird greenhouse and spoiler, very cool to driveWhile fun and challenging to drive, it is quite overtuned for the class. Paintjob is seriously lacking as well.visuals, custom engineHortense
Hot PursuitHot PursuitNo idea how well it does on pace nor do I care, I don't want this horn in the main pack. Bonus fits still.Annoying horn, not exactly uniqueAesthetically doesn't fit the pack imo.I already have a cop car in my heart, and that's Sarge. There are some stylistic choices that look a bit off too imo.same with redwoodThe visuals and the params of the car are solid, but it just doesn’t look very exciting for, custom honkHot Pursuit
Middle5RevoteMiddle5BoringUnqiue but not the most charming looks, nor gameplayBeautiful looking buggy that's grippy in a unique way. People who like this playstyle will love this.Sexy looking, handles awesomely and is equally fun. Good stuff right here.I made this car.Funky looking buggy with a very high-quality paintjob. However, with top-tier pace, weight, balanced stats and stability, I’m leaning towards saying this is slighty overtuned now.Nothing to say about this one. Just okay.Middle5
NitromareNitromareCar is interesting to drive, but because of the EXTREME understeer and no way to deal with it, this car is not fit.Broken accel and unfun, on top of it lacking visuals severelyI get what it aimed for, but from where I stand it fails to deliver what it set out to do. Challenge cars should be rewarding and fun when mastered, but I simply don't see how this could ever be a pleasant experience, and the challenge provided ends up being shallow and unrewarding.One of the quirkiest cars I've seen in a while, it's your Semi-Pro meme/drag car but with actually somewhat competent parameters.Very cool concept.Wild visuals and a fitting paintjob, coupled with quite unique params. Very high acceleration and a decent top speed allows the car to be competitive in spite of its crippling steering.visualsNitromare
RamattackRamattackBoring to use, and odd in certain scenarios in an unfun way.Seems brokenGrossly outpaces the rest of the class while being very straight forward and simple to drive.I almost want to vote Bonus on this one based on how it looks from the back, but I think the rest of the package is good enough for Main.Don't know how to feel about itStunning visuals and a nice paintjob, with simply, friendly handling. It is way overtuned for the class though,, paceRamattack
RedneckRedneckWhat Saff said.I think it lacks paceWhile nice looking and pleasant to drive, I do think it gets outshone by the other new bulky boys in its ratingSadly, cant keep up the pace with the rest of the class.Another slow car but very good looking.Paintjob alludes to the Confederate, paceRedneck
SasquatchSasquatchFeels fun to use, and may be balanced due to the size making it more vulnerable to pickups and to making mistakes. Can we change the engine sound though…?Seems ok, finally a decent truckFantastic looks coupled with a personality filled playstyle, it’s a good addition to the hefty cars in the class.The single smoothest and funniest monster trucks I've had the pleasure of trying. Awesome car.Decent, competitive params, but the paintjob isn’t interesting and it’s not much different visually to BigVolt.visualsSasquatch
Trundle BusterRevoteTrundle BusterQuircky enough for bonus, but… not mainIt's fun but a meme for main packQuite the unique car that I feel brings variety in both gameplay and looks to the class.If I wasnt listed as a creator, I'd vote this on Main any day. One of the most original concepts I've seen in a while, and its an "official" dev concept to boot.Great overallA good paintjob for a frankly weird looking car. While I appreciate the params being more distinct, the inconsistent cornering and stability makes it very difficult and uncompetitive.A bit wacky, but somewhat comparable to Mouse in terms of design. Fairly fun overall, would vote in favor for now.Trundle Buster
Vex WingVex WingBoring and feels slow.Felt slugish to meIt's a very aesthetically pleasing car, but the driving doesn't really dip a toe over the line and I don’t feel like it brings anything unprecendented or worthwhile to the table.Pace worries me. Looks are also nice but are not Paperman's crème de la crème.Great looking car with top-notch paintjob and visuals, but the params are just unremarkable. It’s competitive for the class, sure, but it brings nothing to the table.Seems fairly solid overall.Vex Wing
Meh visual. Control wise it is a tall looking car with... a low center of mass? Doesn't make sense. Handling in general feels unnatural.I like the idea and the paintjob, it's good pace-wise, but the body just looks so weird.It's not challenging enough to drive to warrant how good it is (nor that interesting for that matter), and Jackal is already (arguably) filling in the R6 in semis shtick.Like Gator, I have a soft spot for this car. The handling is quite quirky, and the paintjob is well executed.the decal says large?? Try small! The params are fun but the body size is w3irdWeird dimensions and a blocky mesh coupled with a lacklustre paintjob. Params while enjoyable, might be overtuned, with collision issues to top it off.Wildxyc
Burning SteelProReviseReviseBurning SteelCar is weak, and I don't think visuals fit with... Anything. Still fits the bonusFun, lacks paceThis car is way undertuned for the challenge it provides to handle properly.While the handling is decent, I think stylistically it more Bonus Pack material than anything else.not super stocklikeGorgeous car, the params not so much. Lacking pace and providing nothing but understeer, it’s not competitive for the class.Lacking in pace. I might personally contact Paperman and see if he’d be willing to let me do a new set of parameters.Burning Steel
CintachCintachVery good. Very fun, Good looking. People may have already been hyped up after the christmas championship version (Comet)Komet is okStunning looks coupled with what I find to be a very pleasant sliddy playstyle.While the handling is decent, I think stylistically it more Bonus Pack material than anything else.could give it a try in main.Fantastic visuals and paintjob. The params seal the deal, boasting crazy handling inbetween the likes of Humma and Steezy, with the pace to back it up.Abstaining since I made the parameters. Generally I’m quite fond of this one, however.Cintach
Drome ChampReviseReviseDrome ChampResponsiveness of the car makes it feel unique. May be abit weird to use for being an all rounder of sorts, but I like it, despite how weak it is.SlowUnderperforming for how twitchy and innacurrate it is to drive.I did this car, so I dunno, you tell me. Soft suspension and nimble.Great overall.Great visuals and paintjob. The params are lacking quite some pace though, and the cornering doesn’t make up for it.Looks really good, but it’s extremely lacking in pace and not especially fun to drive.Drome Champ
Fire-StarterRevoteFire-StarterI can see this… thing being used in odd sessions, and it's a cool car, but… because of overall styling and because of the way it handles (inconsistently inconsistent) it gets the bonus vote.Bad paceNot performing in line with the rest of the class despite being tougher to handle than the rest of the beginner friendly Pro cars.Love the style, but maybe its not Main Pack style. I'd vote Bonus if I hadn't done the mesh.Two cars with the same name? Great looking but too inconsistent for IO online usage.Its visuals does not make up for how frustrating it is to drive. It has no pace or anything noteworthy for the class; no cornering nor stability with its suspension. Its addition would also confuse people since there would be two cars in the I/O packs sharing the same name. The other one is far, paceFire-Starter
Monster KnotMonster KnotI can fully accept this in the main pack… if the main skin is changed. Not only is it too christmas related, but it is… ugly. Car also lacks in pace, but I feel like a touch more top speed or acceleration would do the trick.SlowNot performing in line with the rest of the class despite being tougher to handle than the rest of the beginner friendly Pro cars.I really want this in the Main Pack, but with another identity (looks). Parameters are perfection though.Amazingly good to drive, it should just use the secondary skin without the wrapping. Fix ENV.Nice, distinct visuals for the class with a decent paintjob. Drives nicely as well, albeit a bit undertuned for the class. However, I’d prefer this to stay as part of the RVCC – I’d only want this in the I/O packs under a new identity with more competitive params.Should remain exclusively part of RVCC in my opinion, especially since I am likely to make changes to it in the future. Design-wise it also doesn’t fit in. Give it a new identity, like Cintach?Monster Knot
Pebble DasherPebble DasherLooks and driving style put it in bonus for me.Not a fanNot performing in line with the rest of the class, and doesn't handle like a beginner friendly car either due to how understeery it is.Fully ballistic, wild looks. Soft suspension and rewarding turning behaviour.Very good pace. Might be op in some people's hands. We'll see.Good visuals with a decent paintjob. The params though are paintfully unremarkable and lack any sort of character. Same steering as most of Paperman’s cars, same annoying suspension, same lack of pace and balance. It's disappointing that recreations of cars from old bygone sketches are given such dissappointing, pacePebble Dasher
RostockRevoteRostockA bit odd to use, but if given enough time ,this car can become strong. I'd be happy it it gets used more than other more forgiving cars in the class.50-50, since I'm not decisive enough, yellown/aSmooth driving with this one, the blocky lines push the boundaries of the Main Pack style a bit, but I think it'll turn out fine.Very polished! Will be a hard railer to use.Distinct visuals, but the paintjob is lacking a bit. Params more in line with the like of Mini Champ but without the downsides makes it overtuned for the class, and its collision issues also make it frustrating to drive.visualsRostock
SiktrixSiktrixThis is very fun.Very fun and quirky, loses too much on jumpsVery sleek looking car sporting a simple and fun drive style, and despite not reinventing the wheel I think it's still a good addition to the beginner friendly pro cars.The car looks really nice and it definitely is more enjoyable after the update, but stylistically I'm leaning more towards Bonus Pack.Mid-tier, good lookingA fancy hatchback with a decent paintjob. Quite frustrating to drive though because of its understeer and frustrating suspension making it uncompetitive.visuals, paceSiktrix
StuntmanStuntmanFun car with very few disadvantages, despite the size. And a bit fast for how easy it is to use. Unless someone else convinces me that this car is balanced, I'm not voting main.Don't like it much, not sure yellow or redGood addition to the heavyweight pros, though its looks are a bit flat? The rear half looks especially weird because you expect a pickup to not have the trunk filled in.Rare heavy duty car for the Pro class. Despite not having the best stats out there, its an absolute beast that can buly others into submission.Smooth ride, fun to battle others with. Good looking. Might be unstable on some tracks with lots of jumpsParams seem to be relatively balanced for the class, with its lower pace balanced by its size, weight and overall stability. Paintjob is seriously lacking though.designStuntman
VeloceReviseRevoteVeloceI don't know about this car.Looks good, is fun.. Hates jumpsI feel obliged to pick Siktrix over the two similarly performing beginner friendly cars in this list.Clever use of the decals from the sheets for an interesting livery. Can keep up pace with the rest of the class.Medium-line car. Could be good on some tracks, like VitessePaintjob is lacking and so are the params. Collision issues and understeer make the car lack pace and competitiveness.paceVeloce
AxisSuper ProAxisThe car is too slow. I can still see this in random sessions.S l o wWhile admittedly being easy to handle and beginner friendly, it's way outmatched by its fellow easy to drive cars in super pros.Low speed but the stability and turning behavior compensates it. Nice twist for a change, the Super Pro class is already overflowing with high top speed cars.Mid tier, chill drive. Good looking.Looks great, drives rather nicely, but lacks pace for the class. While stable, would fall behind in online races similiarly to Purp XL.Although I’m not a fan of the elongated window design on top, it makes up for it with some fairly interesting handling.Axis
Ditalic RDitalic RWeak and unfun.This car will never work, for this to be balanced with this much understeer it would require incredibly busted accel and top speed, which would be horribly unfun to both play against and to try to balance it.This car definitely doesn't have the pace to back up the oversteery nature of its handling.From the name to the looks, I love this car. I'm concerned it might struggle a bit, but this can be fine tuned eventually.Fun drag-like car! Very polished. Situational.Absolutely undrivable. Lacks pace for the class, doesn’t steer when you want it to, oversteers when you don’t want it to, and of course has collision issues to top it off. Veloce is better than this.Fairly average and not worth bumping up the number of Super Pros over.Ditalic R
NymrodNymrodDoesn't fit in main.I think it's underpoweredWay outperformed by the other easy to drive cars in the class. I don’t think the looks fit in with the rest of the pack either.Solid Bonus for me, mainly because of the looks which arent quite my personal taste. Handling is juicy though, props to that.Similar to Nain in style, and is very fun to drive.Alright to drive, but lacks overall pace and performance to be competitive. It has collision issues, and the paintjob is far too saturated. The battery at the back completely interrupts its visuals as well.Very fun car, both visually and in terms of handling, but the design is definitely a bit too outlandish for the main pack.Nymrod
RetrojetRetrojetLooks cool and unique, and handles in a way you'd expect, more or less. And I feel like we need like… at least ONE new car in the class. Weak as it is.Looks fun, might be underpoweredDoesn't keep up with the rest of the Super Pros, especially considering there's easier to drive cars in the class.Looks incredibly original and has charisma. The scale might be a bit off though, but its still a good car nonetheless.Sometimes very challenging cars are cool to have in the roster. This is one of themPerformance and pace is lacking for the class overall, and the car also sticks to the walls like glue because of the wheel offsets. Visuals and paintjob do not thematically fit into the pack for me either.Same as Nymrod, and the jet engine glow could also be reworked a bit.Retrojet
SpectronSpectronUFO engine bothers me, and I can't help but feel like the car is made out of cardboard. Wheels included.Fun, good looks, shame it doesn't seem good enoughDespite the apparent lack of pace, I do believe this car is worth adding because it's a good instance of high top speed + decent handling that could prove worth using in many scenarios.This baby is lit. There were concerns about it being OP but BTF has since toned it down a bit. Makes use of some neat spinner tricks.Straight green for me. Amazing job overall, driving and looks.Paintjob looks great at the front, but that back looks very unremarkable. It’s alright to drive, but it’s slightly undertuned for the class.Fairly average and not worth bumping up the number of Super Pros over.Spectron
You may not abstain from revotesLegend: Main Bonus None Abstain