AspensideReviseReviseAspensideThere are some areas that are an optimal clear path that, while not outright giving a red X, still go outside Track Zones. And the lack of clear gates make the areas that are Usable a bit… vague. I can see people going for a greedy turn once, be fine, then make it one meter to the side and get an X.Great execution, looks great, plays great, Zeino fixed everything so it works like a charm now + I suggested itBig fan of the flow. AI Nodes should be updated a bit for the R version as all the bots swerve out of the track and have to repo back when they reach the serpentines section at the end.Not quite Main Pack material - yet. Zeino is slowly progressing and improving his skills, nicele accomplisjed track.My only gripe with the track is the chicane – makes for bad track design and only exists to trip up the racer in both layouts. Forwards, the chicane will lead a lot of people cutting the corner because that’s where the track is telling you to go. In reverse, the chicane can often lead you barreling down the downhill hairpins.My only concern with this one would be whether the snow slide is RWD friendly, but so far it seems fine to me. There’s also that one blind corner, but it’s hardly the first time we’d have one of those. Since we need new tracks, main pack would be fine for the time being, I think.Aspenside
Blood on the Rooftops
Blood on the Rooftops
Choke point into ramp, Star that doesn't lose you time, A lot of ramps into straights that exist to pad the race instead of adding anything. Also looks dated.Generally I've been fine with it, I dislike how turns 1 and 2 play out online on the first lap, but it's not like it's the only track where that happens. It's just about passable.Visually subpar with everything else currently in Main. Theme directly alludes to another game (Carmageddon) and the raceline is frustrating at best (choke point right after the start, long ramp taxing on slower cars, several jumps with weird repos that disrupt the flow, etc).I honestly wish I could abstain again as I have no opinion on this track. I'll stick to green I guess.We've had it for a long time and I don't think it aged well. Might be time to swap it out with something else.Blood on the Rooftops
Best-Milk FarmBest-Milk FarmLoooks are great, but the game this was ported from has a way different philosophy, and it shows. Track wasn't made with Re-Volt in mind.Great visuals but it's so boring and bumpy, it's kinda press forward and afkTop notch visuals and I have a weak spot for good, non-glitchy elevation changes in a track. It's just proper clean fun.Visually stunning, and despite the bumpy raceline that makes it amusing, it still feels more Bonus material than anything else - even after the "stockification" meant to give it a style similar to Re-Volt.Change the decals and the name of the track as much as you want, this is still a Mario Kart conversion at the end of the day.This is far too cartoonish and does not have a particularly exciting raceline, but otherwise I think it’d be fine having it in the tracklist for a while.Best-Milk Farm
Fairground 1Fairground 1Looks are good, I agree with the general opinion that ths track fits visually, but the race line has many unintuitive turns and a corner that is almost impossible to take "correctly".Should just stay thereDespite being superb in terms of visuals, the track is plagued by questionable choices such as unfortunate blind turns and the hay part which severely hamper the flow of the track and make it more tedious to race than fun.Can't say its a flawless track, but its definitely manageable. Visually and thematically one of the best tracks in recent years.I think everyone else voting already knows what I have to say about this one.While I agree that this is not suitable for online play, I feel like it’s nowhere near as bad as the 2nd tracks, and we have worse in the main pack too (see Museum 3). I’d like to see it in action a few sessions; if it’s as bad as expected, we can blacklist it and move it back later.Fairground 1
FreyjaFreyjaBonus bill.RVC requestTime hasn't been kind to this track, as it's severely outdated in terms of visuals and the raceline isn't anything special either.Interesting raceline, but not enough to shake that funky Hil style away, sadly.Weird graphics, but it’s got a decent, challenging raceline with a good flow if you learn it well enough.Clipart man strikes again, but this time with a raceline that might be a tad too technical for the main casual events. However, it may be a good fit for some competitive events, and the bonus pack can be used just fine for that.Freyja
Genghis KastleRevoteGenghis KastleHas issues because of being a derivative from a Mario Kart track (you can correct me here) But it does create an interesting race line.High quality visuals as expected from Mayen but the line is a bit boring, another press forward and afk trackI do think Best-Milk Farm pulls off the twisty and slopey topology better than Genghis Kastle (the gratuitous obstacles in the middle of the road need to go), but I think it's beneficial enough to the somewhat lacking variety of the main pack to add this as well.See Best-Milk FarmChange the decals and the name of the track as much as you want, this is still a Mario Kart conversion at the end of the day.Not something we want in for the long-term due to thematical reasons, but it’s quite enjoyable to race on and has a lot of eye-candy.Genghis Kastle
Market MayhemMarket MayhemI am sensing some readability issues, but I had the same feeling regarding Museum EX. The bigger issue would be the traffic area, but we have Metro-Volt in the pack. Overall, solid trackProbably my favorite track in here, one of the best flows ever, masterpiece (just a shame the paths that lead up are pretty much pointless as they are too slow)It's a bit jarring to race this as every element is somewhat haphazardly plucked from the stock supermarket tracks. The awkward ramps and guiding lights make the layout feel uninspired too. Museum EX has the benefit of bringing enough new elements to feel fresh and interesting, while this doesn't.Good use of the market assets with a personal touch. My manin concern is the very narrow door after the crashed car, but it's probably gonna turn out fine.Really not a fan of the track design here constantly tripping you up to go the slower route, along with the opposite traffic.Very technical and messy visuals. Would avoid it on casual events.Market Mayhem
SBX AlpineSBX AlpineIt would be a unique addition to the pack. It has an interesting skill curve.I got named Alex's Moral Support oWo, real talk, I suggested it, read thatyes more good slopes into the pack please yum. (visually this track ain't no slouch either.)Amazing looking and fun track, even though the edges of the track can be frustrating at times.I’d vote green if I didn’t help with the creation of this track.I feel like this is gonna be weird racing on now that spring is about to start, but it’s not the first time we have winter tracks off the right season. Maybe we’ll have seasonal tracklists from next year on. Either way, it’s a solid track.SBX Alpine
SpaceshipSpaceshipThe main problem I see with this track is how dark it is in spots. I'm also split about how the split paths addto the track. I don't feel like they do enough.I initially liked this but it very quickly became dull as I realised there's only 1 realistically fast line and it's just press forward and wallride forever + the walls themselves are a little buggyJust oozes quality all around. Stunning looks with a raceline that I find has a bonafide Re-Volt feel to it.Amazing theme, awesomely executed with the new RVGL features, and lots of different racelines to choose from, ultimately culminating in fun races.Beautiful visuals and sound design. While the raceline is adequate and well-flowing, the crossroads will make for a very frustrating experience for many.I’m fairly certain that this is going to get messy real fast with all the crossroads, but let’s give it a shot and see how it fares. Like with Fairground 1, we can blacklist it if it really becomes a problem.Spaceship
The Felling YardReviseReviseThe Felling YardOpinions stated in #io-tracksShould just move to bonus, it's lame, a lot of people complain when they race it, should just goThe cuts and sudden uncalled for material changes in the raceline would at the very least warrant a move to bonus (or a redux), but I find the fact that I wouldn't miss it in the slightest very telling, so it's a red from me. Visually it ain't one of the best either.Old time classic I wouldn't touch, but people complain about the shortcut ? Maybe redux/fix that?Never liked the awful log section, nor the shortcut. Very little about this track has aged well.While I think this might have become a staple for the online races, the reality is that it hasn’t aged well, is far too top speed focused, and there are a lot of conflicted feelings on that one shortcut. Best to move it out at this point.The Felling Yard
The Great SilenceReviseReviseReviseThe Great SilenceThe tunnel entrance has a few issues: cars with high acceleration and high enough speed hit the top and oil can be killer. The real reason I vote bonus is a bug that exists on the last turn for last lap.I would green this but I want to bring up a really dumb bug and until that is fixed, I do not wish to see this track in hereCall me easily impressed but I find this track to be a very fun and charming twist to the Ghost Town collection that has the quality and raceline to spice up the sessions. Having said that, the horses need to go and there's some uncalled for bumps on the ground in some places that warrant smoothing up imo, but the rest of the flow feels great.Wild West theme with an interesting twist. Even though the raceline can become narrow and cluttered at times, its certainly manageable. There's a spot that can be a potential endless oil trap though (tunnel near the graveyard).Challenging raceline with a nice, snowy, moody atmosphere. While the repo exploit is an issue (albeit only for the final lap of a race), a gentleman’s agreement sounds like the better solution over not adding it to the pack at all – at least until the author addresses it, that is.Honestly, this might be one of the most beautiful tracks we have so far, but I might be biased due to its theme. Regardless, while I do see some issues with the raceline, I think they’re minor enough to warrant a long-term inclusion.The Great Silence
urbanXurbanXWe don't have atrack that is as open as this one. It is interesting and it makes pickup usage a tiny bit more strategic. God will it take a lot of time to learn though. Proper criticism: oily surfaces are not clear.Doesn't look as good as some of the other tracks here but the line is awesome, feels great to playThe raceline feels too open and unintuitive, and the visuals are too cluterred for its own good. If you have to rely on arrows and visible repo zones at every turn to know where you're supposed to go, it's not good track design.Immersive and seemingly simple raceline that offers some choke points and obstacles that still make it challenging enough. Just not a big fan of the "virtual" repo barriers.My only concern with the track is that there’s just too much to memorise. I’ve raced this a lot of times in my own time and I cannot memorise anything because of the track design tripping me up all the time.This honestly feels like a spiritual successor to Industry. The raceline is not perfectly clear on the first run, but manageable nonetheless. My biggest qualm with it is that it seems oversized.urbanX
Wonderful Skylands 1Wonderful Skylands 1It is a short track, and it feels monotonous. I don't think it'd be that fun, honestlyGood visuals and good line, bit straight but the ending is hard to doI really don't like racing on these two tracks as the topology is so arbitrarily bumpy in places you don't expect it to be that you never really feel in control (not to mention the unnecessary waterfall section that is a prime candidate for this), and this is just prone to cause tilt in online play. The graphics are pretty blocky too.Incredibly original theme and a chill raceline meant to sit back and relax.Gorgeous visuals and a theme never seen in Re-Volt before, with a simple, yet elegant raceline that’s easy to pick up.These two both seem like solid tracks to me; if they have any significant flaws, it’d need to be pointed out to me. The racelines seem good, visuals are decent, and the theme is something that I don’t remember being done before. Might not be perfectly fitting, but they’d make great additions to the tracklist for now, I think.Wonderful Skylands 1
Wonderful Skylands 2ReviseRevoteWonderful Skylands 2As it is right now, a portion of the track can be outright ignored. And a few corners are ununtuitive and almost invisible. Also feels a bit monotonous.Worse than the first one for the simple reason that the ruins at the end are just a bad idea, the jump just kills half the cars, it's such a bad drop, reminds me of why we voted Cliffisde out, why is that even there.Ditto, except now it has two Cliffside jumps to further exacerbate the problems I had with the first one.Expands upon the theme of the first version with some interesting areas. My big concern is that jump after the temple which is extremely flow breaking on an otherwise outstanding and fun raceline. I'd experiment this in Main and see how it goes.The final section with the big jump isn’t executed very well, which is unfortunate because otherwise, it’s a nice evolution in raceline over the first one. There’s no real indication where to jump towards in reverse, but forwards the section can be mitigated by driving the long way around. Should be addressed in a future update.Wonderful Skylands 2
Legend: Main Bonus None Abstain